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WWE News: Former WWE Diva Cameron says that she doesn't date 'black guys'

The former WWE Diva talks about her dating preferences, stating that she doesn't date "black guys".

News 15 May 2017, 14:34 IST
Cameron was released by the WWE in 2016

What’s the story?

Former WWE Diva Cameron, known best for her part in “The Funkadactyls” alongside current WWE SmackDown LIVE Women’s Champion Naomi, recently spoke to TMZ about her dating preferences and the Rock.

Cameron stated that she supported The Rock’s bid for the presidency of USA, while also clarifying her dating preferences, stating that she does not date “black guys”. The video can be seen below:

In case you didn’t know...

Cameron, whose real name is Ariana Andrew, came into the limelight when she participated in the 2011 edition of WWE’s Tough Enough. Cameron was the first participant to be eliminated from the competition but was signed on to a WWE contract shortly thereafter. 

She made her main roster debut on the WWE in 2012 as part of Brodus Clay’s dancing entourage, which was referred to as “The Funkadactyls”. She would subsequently get involved in matches of her own, even having a feud with her fellow Funkadactyl Naomi.

Cameron was heavily criticised for her in-ring work and was eventually released by the WWE in 2016. 

The heart of the matter

TMZ encountered the former WWE Diva outside a hotel and proceeded to interview her. The interviewer asked Cameron about her thoughts on The Rock running for president, to which Cameron replied by stating that “The Rock is bomb” and that he has the “whole package” required to become the President of the United States.

Cameron went on to add that if there was anyone in the WWE who could become President, it was The Rock and that he was the “only person from the WWE that has made a name for himself.”

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The interviewer then proceeded to ask Cameron whether she dated “white men”, to which Cameron responded by saying:

“I love white men. Actually, I don’t date black guys. I just have a thing for white boys.”

When the interviewer prodded Cameron for further comments, she referred to a black and white couple as “A little vanilla, a little chocolate”, before adding that “they make cute babies”.

What’s next?

Cameron might not be a WWE Diva anymore, but she is certainly doing well for herself with her modelling assignments, her YouTube channel and her website. She also conducts fitness boot camps and seminars. 

A return to the WWE doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the horizon for the former Diva and it is unlikely that we’ll ever see her in a WWE ring again.

Author’s take

Cameron’s preferences are her own, but making remarks of this nature in public could be a public relations disaster for the former Diva if she continues doing so with careless disregard for racial sentiments. 

Regardless, she does support the half-black half-Samoan Rock for Presidency, so her racial biases are probably only restricted to her dating preferences and not elsewhere. 

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