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WWE News: Goldberg reveals he tweaked his shoulder on this week's Raw

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Goldberg and Brock Lesnar were both present on this week’s Raw (Image credit:

Goldberg received a hero’s welcome on his return to Raw, a few weeks back and the fan frenzy for him has only increased with every episode of the show ever since. However, it has not been all rosy for the iconic wrestler, as he prepares to engage in a fierce battle with Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series this Sunday.

During an interview with NBC Sports, post his appearance on this week’s episode of Raw, Goldberg claimed to have tweaked his shoulder and added that his body does not feel great. ‘The Myth’, though, showed confidence about being able to do what he does best in his match against Lesnar.

“My body feels horrible. I tweaked my shoulder last night [on Raw], but that doesn’t mean in five days that I’m not going to come out kicking ass and taking names like I always do,” Goldberg was quoted as saying.

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The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion opened up about his training regime and how it has affected him. He also revealed that he is terrified about the prospect of facing the Beast Incarnate, but wants to do it so that the fans and his family can be proud of him.

“I’ve trained three times a day, three days a week and then two times a day, the remaining four days a week. I haven’t had a day off. The problem is that you’re trying to accomplish 50 things at once and it’s just not physically possible to give yourself the proper time to recuperate after all of these workouts,” he said.

“You know five days removed from going up against one of the ‘ baddest’ dudes on the planet, I don’t want to be feeling like that. I’m terrified. I want to satisfy the people. I want to make my family proud of me, but at the end of the day, I’m never going to be able to satisfy myself. I just want to do it to where I can look myself in the mirror and be appreciative of the work that I put in and the performance that I did.”

He was also asked about whether he and Brock would want to make up for their previous encounter at Wrestlemania XX, as it did not go down too well with the crowd at the Madison Square Garden in New York that night.

In response, Goldberg stated, “In a way yes, but the unfortunate thing is people look at that match differently because of the situation that we were in. They don’t appreciate the fact that we really did put on a decent match I believe. I truly do. I don’t think I need redemption man. I really don’t.”


“At the end of the day we give 100 percent in each performance and sometimes, we can’t control the situation surrounding what’s going on, and we have to do our best, and that’s what we did, “ concluded the legendary WWE superstar.

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