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WWE News: Goldberg takes a shot at Ryback

Gary Cassidy
11.16K   //    18 Dec 2017, 16:30 IST


What’s the story?

We all know about the comparisons drawn between Ryback and Bill Goldberg, and we've heard Ryback's side of things all too often. Goldberg was recently asked about any similarities between the two, and he had a less than flattering answer:

“Athletically, he doesn’t hold a candle to Roman (Reigns) or I. He’s more of a robot, bodybuilder looking kind of a guy moving around, but that doesn’t take anything away from him. That’s his character, that’s what he does. I never met the guy, so I don’t think twice about him to be honest,” said the former WWE Superstar.

In case you didn’t know…

This "rivalry" goes way back to 2012, and carried on right up until Ryback left WWE when The Big Guy changed his attire to black trunks similar to that of Goldberg, and had the WWE Universe chant the name of the WCW legend at him.

On his podcast, Conversations With The Big Guy, Ryback had even commented that WWE brought Goldberg in "to spite" him in April 2017.

"I watched that on my WWE Network that they've refused to cancel for me because Vince... 'Goddamnit, let him watch! The guy needs to watch! He'll miss us eventually.' Yeah, I watched the whole pay-per-view or the majority of it and they do what they do. I have nothing bad to say. They put the Championship on Goldberg and I don't think he's wrestled that long since he's been there, but he hasn't had to."

The heart of the matter

This feud seems to have stemmed from Ryback's frustration at WWE creative and not getting the chance to prove himself. He has never been scared to be vocal about his disagreements with WWE booking and always felt he had the tools required to be the 'Face of WWE', even stating that he wanted to be the next John Cena.

Ryback had previously said that Goldberg should have been brought back five years earlier to face him - and seemed frustrated that WWE preferred to invest in other talents when he believed he was more equipped to deal with the task.

Goldberg has obviously been irked from what he's heard from the former Intercontinental Champion, and had previously spoken highly of Roman too. The eventual lash out doesn't come as too much of a shock.

What’s next?

Ryback will surely have some sort of retort to Goldberg's comments. All ears will be on his podcast and all eyes on his Twitter to hear what he has to say about Goldberg's remarks.

Author’s take

This seems like a classic case of two massively similar personalities getting in each other's heads and a complete clash of egos. You can see why Goldberg took a shot at The Big Guy, given their checkered past, but the comments will surely get under Ryback's skin. Let's see how this one plays out!

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