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WWE News: Goldust lashes out at fans, asks them to enjoy WWE product

Riju Dasgupta
1.81K   //    29 Sep 2017, 12:53 IST

The Bizarre One aired some bizarre thoughts!
The Bizarre One aired some bizarre thoughts

What's the story?

WWE veteran Goldust took to social media recently, and asked the WWE Universe to stop complaining about the product, and instead enjoy it for what it was. Fans were not amused and responded with some scathing comments of their own.

It began when Goldust responded to a comment that was criticizing Bray Wyatt and his booking. Here is how it went down.

In case you didn't know...

While WWE continues to be a profitable company even today, many would believe that their best days are far behind them. The WWE Universe is vocal and often takes to social media to air their displeasure about the content that WWE dishes out.

Goldust, fed up with the negativity, aired his own views on the matter. He urged his fans to enjoy the show. Unfortunately, the fans dished out some scathing comments of their own.

The heart of the matter

The WWE Universe was not too kind to Goldust after his comments. They openly expressed their disappointment about the state of the current product and bombarded the "Lonestar" with their blistering Tweets.


Goldust did not respond to his detractors except one.

In many ways, this reflects the attitude of old-timers to the state of the product. The inability to listen to audiences reflected in the live attendance of RAW and SmackDown Live, over the past week.

What's next?

All said and done, Goldust is still going strong, at an age when most superstars hang up their boots. He's wrestling on a weekly basis on RAW and seems to be in great shape now.

Author's take

I do not agree with Goldust at all. Fans should have the power to air their grievances with a product online. Moreover, WWE is free to decide whether they want to listen to the fans or not.

However, a healthy exchange of views between a brand and its consumers can never hurt, really. Truth be told, WWE does listen to their fans, and even interacts with them with questionnaires and other means, to enhance the product.

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