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WWE News: Goldust opens up about his historic Backlot Brawl match against Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania XII

Soumik Datta
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Goldust as the WWE Tag Team Champion
Goldust as the WWE Tag Team Champion

What’s the story?

Earlier this week, WWE Superstar Goldust sat down to have a chat with former WWE Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian, on the E&C Podcast.

During the interview Edge, Christian and Goldust discussed a host of topics including "The Bizzare One's" memorable Wrestlemania XII match against Roddy Piper. Goldust spoke of the historic match between him and Piper and revealed Vince McMahon took both men to the hospital after the match.

In case you didn’t know…

Goldust has been a part of the WWE since 1990 but it wasn’t until 1995 till we saw the debut of Dustin Runnels’ Goldust character.

Goldust is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Hardcore Champion and also won the Tag Team Championships with his brother Cody Rhodes, during his two decades with the company.

In 1996, he was scheduled to face Scott Hall at Wrestlemania XII but plans fell apart after Hall was suspended from the company, and he went on to face Roddy Piper at the event that year.

The heart of the matter

On his recent interview with Edge and Christian, Goldust revealed that working with Piper was a great opportunity for him as it brought him closer to “Hot Rod”.

The former Intercontinental Champion revealed that he had to take a flight to Los Angeles along with Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard and Roddy Piper, and it was at that moment when he was told that he would face Piper in a Backlot Brawl match.

Goldust went on to state that during the match with Piper, he wanted to bleed but Vince McMahon was completely against it. However, the former Hardcore Champion would eventually ask “Hot Rod” to bust him open the hard way.

Piper then hit Goldust with a punch on his forehead, but Goldust wasn't busted open. However, the very next minute Piper broke his arm after he landed the second punch on Goldust’s forehead, as per Goldust.

“It's like a brick hitting cement. And I'm just like, 'what the hell?' And still in my head, 'ah, nothing, man.' He's still beating me up. 'Do it again!' He reaches up and he drills me again and you hear a crack and it's his hand that breaks on my head," Goldust said.

The brawl ended with Goldust speeding away in a golden Cadillac, but he also claimed that in doing so he almost killed Piper after crashing the hood of the car into Piper’s knee.

“I speed up just a little bit and I'm looking dead at him and I'm thinking, 'please, dear God, move.' He doesn't move. He doesn't move and his knees hit and it just buckled the whole car. It was gross sounding," Goldust added.

What’s next?

Goldust is currently working for the WWE and has been a part of the company for well over 20 years.

He was last seen on TV in a feud with Finn Balor, which he went on to lose. Despite making rare TV appearances, fans are still not sure what the plans are for the former three-time Intercontinental Champion.

Author’s Take

Personally, I’m a huge Goldust fan and I believe that the man is still capable of putting up great matches inside the squared circle. He has been one of the most loyal wrestlers in WWE history and has also been a tremendous performer for the company in these past two decades.

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