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WWE Rumors: Is Heath Slater injured?

Heath Salter might be suffering from an injury after the Four Corners Elimination Match on SmackDown while contesting for Tag Team Titles.

Heath Slater in the WWE SmackDown ring
Was Heath Slater injured during the Four Corners Elimination Match for the SmackDown Tag team Titles?

It appears that Heath Slater has been injured during the Four Corners Elimination Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. His latest tweet about seeing a doctor indicates a possible injury that could have taken place in the show. 

Heath Slater & Rhyno, The Wyatt Family, The Usos and American Alpha were fighting for the titles in this match. Heath Slater was the first one to be eliminated after being hit by a superkick from Jimmy Uso. The next team to leave the ring was The Usos and finally, American Alpha defeated The Wyatt Family to bag the Tag Team Title.

The Wyatt Family, who had the titles with them for 23 days, lost it after Randy Orton was on the receiving end of a Grand Amplitude delivered by Chad Gable and Jason Jordon.

Heath Slater and Rhyno became the WWE Tag Team Champions in Backlash but could not hold their title as they were defeated by the Wyatt Family in November. 

Known as the “Beauty and the Man Beast”, Slater and Rhyno have shown some intense exchanges with the opponents in their recent matches. Heath has proved his relevance time and again in his partnership with Rhyno.

Being the first team to be eliminated from the last match might have come as a disappointment for them and there are rumours of the two possibly breaking up. Prior to the Superkick which caused Slater to be pinned, the One Man Band seemed to have slipped off the top rope, which could have been a possible botch. 

It’s not likely that the botch contributed to the injury and not much more is known about it. Watch the match as it happened: 

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