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WWE News: How long will The Spirit Squad be on Smackdown Live?

Rohit Nath
16.82K   //    23 Oct 2016, 06:57 IST
Kenny and Mikey have returned, but for how long?

In the build-up to their epic clash at No Mercy, The Spirit Squad were brought back by The Miz to confront and even beat up Dolph Ziggler. Many thought their return was just a one-off phenomenon and would at most, last until No Mercy

However, it looks to be a little longer than that, although not too long either. According to CageSide Seats, The Miz’s goons and Ziggler’s former tag team partners are expected to be around for a longer period in order to help get Ziggler more over as the Intercontinental Champion.

Only Kenny and Mikey returned among the four. Mitch and Johnny couldn’t make a comeback because the former has a job now that he cannot afford to miss, and the latter lives in Israel and has become extremely religious. The fifth member, Nicky, as we know, is the current Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler.

As mentioned, their current roles are as The Miz’s goons. Their return brought about some nostalgia for people who grew up in the Ruthless Aggression Era or were fans of the era. If they do well enough, there is a chance that perhaps they could be signed full-time and be utilized in the Smackdown Live Tag Team division which currently lacks depth and could use a few extra teams.

That would definitely be the best case scenario out of all of this, especially for a talent like Kenny, who many feel was underutilized. 

Utilized or underutilized, he did not leave on the best of terms, as he outed his then-fianceé Mickey James over having an affair with the company’s top star John Cena. This got him instantly fired. It does strike as crazy timing as Kenny is back in WWE (at least for now) and Mickey James was also announced to return as she will take on NXT Women's Champion Asuka at NXT Takeover: Toronto.

Here is a clip of their return:

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