WWE News: Hulk Hogan recalls getting 'real heat' from Randy Savage because of Miss Elizabeth

Hulk Hogan, Miss Elizabeth, and Randy Savage
Hulk Hogan, Miss Elizabeth, and Randy Savage

What’s the story?

Hulk Hogan has received a lot a backstage heat in his time with WWE and even when he wasn't with the company. He has now revealed a very interesting story about the time he got real heat from Randy Savage in front of a live audience.

He revealed that the incident took place in Paris when Miss Elizabeth was his manager. Hogan claims that he helped her get into the ring but Savage misunderstood what happened and got him in a headlock and refused to let go.

In case you didn’t know…

Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were a real-life couple but were used on opposite ends in several storylines. While Superstars try to keep their personal life away from the ring, things go out of hand sometimes.

The heart of the matter

Hulk Hogan recalled on the Steve Austin Show the incident that happened during a live show in Paris. He claims that he helped Miss Elizabeth get into the ring by holding her by her armpit as there were no steps to get in.

“When I first met Randy, man, he was the best at everything. I loved working with him. The only really ***** we had was in Paris, France one night. Elizabeth was my manager, and we went to the ring in Paris. There were no steps. Elizabeth was probably 95 or 100 pounds soaking wet. So, I reached over the top rope, reached all the way over where she's standing next to me, and grabbed her by the armpits. I picked her all the way up, she had a dress on, and put her in the ring.”

However, Savage misread the situation and thought Hogan touched her inappropriately. He immediately grabbed Hogan and put him in a headlock as he was clearly unhappy with what had happened. He recalls that the grip was too tight but he held on for some time.

But when things got hard, he squeezed Savage's waist and asked him to let go.

“[Randy said,] 'You son of a ***** you grabbed her b***s… We walk up and he grabs a headlock on me, but he puts that side headlock on me. I'm hanging in - I'm hanging in there - and I didn't want my eyeball to pop out, so I grab his waist and I squeezed. 'Randy, if you don't let go, I'm going to dump you on your head.'”

To their credit, the still continued with the match but it was not a good one as per Hogan. He finally revealed that the two spoke to each other in the locker room straight away after the match and solved things.

“He was so pissed at me. The match sucked; we had a horrible match… We went back to the dressing room in Paris, and I walked in. I said, 'Randy, we need to talk right now.' I reached to open the door, and when I pulled the door I ripped it off the hinges. The door was so old and so rotted by termites... So, me and Randy went in the back and [he said] 'Hey, man, I'm sorry I got mad.' I said, 'Randy, I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to touch her inappropriately – there were no steps.' But I think the door is the thing that kind of cooled everything down, it was hanging on by a thread,” [H/T WrestlingINC]

It's a good thing that the issue was solved straight away or there might have been a lot of change in the world of wrestling right now.

What’s next?

Hogan is set for a major WWE TV role soon in the buildup to WrestleMania 36.

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