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WWE News: Interesting picture of Paige surfaces online

32.14K   //    14 Nov 2017, 03:26 IST

Let's talk abotu
Let's talk about Paige for a moment

It's been a while since Paige's theme song broke out and the WWE Universe was treated to the melodious voice singing "pull the stars down from the sky" but it looks like the wait is almost over.

Paige has been working out in the WWE Performance Center for a while and it looks like she might be getting ready to jump back into the ring sooner than later as well.

Now as the WWE Universe gears up for Survivor Series the idea of surprise returns, debuts, and other shocking moments begin to fill our heads. After all, Survivor Series is an event where that kind of thing tends to take place.

New photographic evidence has emerged of Paige in Atlanta. She's pulling a suitcase behind her and it appears as though she's headed into the building which will soon host Raw. It's a very interesting place for her to be seen, to say the least.


Since Paige has been working out in the WWE Performance Center to get herself into ring shape it's unlikely she is showing up fora check-up but then again, WWE might have just wanted to have her around.

But WWE Superstars typically don't just travel with the team unless there's a good reason for it. Therefore, it wouldn't be too surprising if Paige's music breaks out sometime during Raw tonight and the WWE Universe pops loud as they welcome back WWE's Anti-Diva.

It will be a great homecoming for sure and perfect timing too. After all, WWE probably wants Paige to be back in full swing by the time the WWE Studios and Seven Bucks Productions film about her family is released.

She certainly looks happy to be back and the fans will let her know how good it is to see her soon enough. If this is any indication of things, the road to Survivor Series, although it is a short one could be very interesting.

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