WWE News: Interesting update on Dolph Ziggler's status with WWE

What is up with Dolph Ziggler right now?
What is up with Dolph Ziggler right now?

What's the story?

Dolph Ziggler hasn't been seen or heard from since making a surprise appearance at The Royal Rumble this year, which has caused some fans to wonder if he was still working with the company or not. They are also being left to wonder if Ziggler will be appearing again in the future.

It's been previously reported that Dolph Ziggler's contract with the company has expired months ago and that Ziggler was competing for WWE on a handshake agreement alone. With that being said and Ziggler being a no show since The Royal Rumble, one has to wonder if that is still the deal between the two parties.

In case you didn't know...

Dolph Ziggler is one of those few superstars in WWE that never really got the run he deserved. Sure, he had a few decent runs as World Heavyweight champion and even won the title the night after WrestleMania 29, but he was never really given the proper time to develop as a champion and show what he could do.

Unfortunately for Ziggler, a consistent string of injuries and WWE always finding someone else to push played a role in The Showoff being underutilized in the company and might be the reason he didn't sign a new contract. Beyond all that, he has also started a comedy tour since his absence from WWE, thus also pointing to him being gone for a while.

The heart of the matter

Dolph Ziggler spoke to Chris Van Vliet in a video on his Youtube channel and revealed that he wasn't done with the company but instead was on vacation.

He also claimed his surprise appearance at The Royal Rumble was a last minute thing due to him being in the area that night and wasn't a way for WWE to continue the storyline between the two.

Below is a video of the interview from Chris Van Vliet's official Youtube channel.


"I’m not exactly sure but it did go into it more but I don’t know if that continues because I’m still just on vacation," Dolph Ziggler admitted when asked about how his surprise Royal Rumble appearance came about, " I think it was more just I was in town and I’m one of their guys and it happened to work out so I got a double booking, double payday, WWE and the comedy show.”

With that being said, it looks like Ziggler isn't done with WWE as of yet, but is definitely taking on a lighter schedule when it comes to his pro wrestling career. It is also becoming obvious that he is branching out from WWE and creating a name for himself on the comedy circuit. Either way, he is sorely missed by The WWE Universe, who love seeing his matches.

What's next?

In the end, it's up to WWE and Dolph Ziggler to decide whether they want to work together again and in what capacity. Of course, WWE could use this opportunity to bring him back and finally give him The WWE Title run he deserved throughout his career, but with the company spending more time pushing new talent, that outcome seems unlikely.

In all honesty, there's really no reason for Ziggler to have another title run though, which makes the mid card a much more realistic goal for 'The Showoff'.

Not only will that allow the company to use him in a limited role and allow him to fulfill his commitments outside the company, but it also gives unproven superstars a chance to work with one of the company's best wrestlers.

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