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WWE News: Is Woken Matt Hardy keeping Beethoven music as his theme song?

Alex Ferns
9.09K   //    31 Dec 2017, 18:24 IST

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Has it been deleted already?

What's the story?

As we reported here at Sportskeeda, 'Woken' Matt Hardy used a new theme song at the WWE Holiday Tour Live Event in Madison Square Garden. It was a piece of Beethoven music often known as 'Moonlight Sonata'.

However, it seems this was only a once-off thing, as when Hardy came out to wrestle Bray Wyatt at last night's WWE live event in Albany, New York, he was back to using the 'Hardy Boyz' theme song.

Thankfully though, he was still using his Woken character.

In case you didn't know...

Over the past few weeks, Matt Hardy has been finally able to use fantastic 'Broken' gimmick from TNA in WWE, instead going by the name of 'Woken', but with all the same mannerisms such as 'delete', 'obsolete' etc, having teased doing it for months since returning to the company.

He has been launched into a feud of mind games with Bray Wyatt, and fans are really excited to see what unfolds between the pair as we head into WrestleMania 34, where we will certainly see the two clash.

This may never have happened if his brother Jeff, who returned with Matt to WWE back in April at WrestleMania, did not injure his torn rotator cuff in September and was ruled out for a number of months, as the two were still tag-teaming and likely would have stayed that way for a while.

Although it is really unfortunate for Jeff (who was Brother Nero to 'Broken' Matt in TNA) being injured, it has given the opportunity for Matt to become 'WOKEN'.

The heart of the matter

As Madison Square Garden is a special place to WWE, it would make sense if they were just using this new theme for the special occasion and for nothing else.

It could be possible that WWE ran into copyright issues by using the Beethoven music for 'Woken' Matt, but it is unlikely.

There is also a chance that higher-ups did not like the tune and decided to make Matt go back to the 'Hardy Boyz' theme as soon as the Albany live event.

However, Hardy should really be given a new WWE theme, because although the 'Hardy Boyz' entrance music is one of WWE's best ever songs, it does not suit Matt's character change, and it does not make sense with Jeff out injured currently.

What's next?

I have a feeling that WWE maybe having their go-to band CFO$ make some new music for 'Woken' Matt as we speak.

I mean, why these something like that if it is not going to happen?

When or if we see the change of theme is unknown, but I predict Hardy will be using his regular theme on New Year's Day RAW tomorrow and for the time being.

Still as Woken as ever.

Author's take

I think the WWE should DELETE the 'Hardy Boyz' theme for now and render it OBSOLETE.

A new entrance song for 'Woken' Matt would be TREMENDOUS.

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