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WWE News: Jake 'The Snake' Roberts talks about the time Randy Savage had a gun pulled on him

Roberts reveals an interesting story involving Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth.

News 24 Feb 2017, 12:27 IST
Macho Man and Jake Roberts were engaged in a riveting rivalry leading to the angle where Jake slapped Miss Elizabeth

What’s the story?

WWE Hall of Famer Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts appeared on Eric Bischoff’s podcast ‘Bischoff on Wrestling’. Jake recounted numerous memories from back in his time in the ring and recalled one unpleasant incident with ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.

In case you didn’t know...

Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts and the Macho Man were tied down in a bitter rivalry for most of 1991. It all started when Roberts had sent a package with a live King Cobra as a wedding present for Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth.

The two men had some engaging clashes with the blowout match coming on an episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event with Macho Man going over.

The heart of the matter

Jake revealed that during his time with the WWE, Randy had assured Miss Elizabeth’s family that she would never be involved in a match or be hurt physically. Given the nature of the business at that time, Elizabeth’s family did not know that wrestling was a work. Jake said that Elizabeth’s parents and grandparents were not the smartest people on the planet.

All this came to a head when Jake had to slap Miss Elizabeth in an angle during his rivalry with Randy. Jake mentioned that Elizabeth’s family was infuriated with the segment and her grandfather pulled a gun on Randy and forbade him from ever stepping into their house again

Jake chuckled when he said that Randy had to make up for that to Elizabeth’s family by beating him up in the ring for a glorious victory.

What’s next?

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’ story has been one of endurance. After lethal addiction issues, he managed to salvage himself with the help of DDP Yoga. Jake is a Hall Of Famer and holds a Legends contract with the WWE.

He is scheduled to make an appearance at Great Lakes Comic-Con, Friday, and Saturday, February 24-25.

Sportskeeda's take

Jake’s story is a testimony of how well the wrestling business was protected back in the day. The fact that Elizabeth’s family did not know that it was all a work, shows how strong Kayfabe was in the bygone era.

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