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WWE News: Chris Jericho claims that he helped to reinstate the Styles Clash

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AJ Styles prepares to face Shane at Wrestlemania

What's the story?

During a recent interview with Baby Huey and Bimbo Jimbo of 107.7 The Bone, Jericho revealed in a recent interview that he helped to reinstate the Styles Clash in the WWE.

In case you didn't know....

When AJ Styles first came to the WWE, his first feud was with Chris Jericho. At that time, the Styles Clash was a banned unofficially in the WWE, as there were rumours that people had gotten hurt trying to take that move. As a result, there was a hesitation in WWE about allowing that move on their product, as they often ban moves that can be dangerous.

The heart of the matter

Chris Jericho felt that AJ could add a different dimension to his move-set and character with the Styles Clash.

"I basically.... started using it (taking it) during matches just so Vince could see it."

Jericho talked about the number of people who questioned him for kicking out of the move, saying he was killing the move. His plan was a masterful one, as he went to Vince to talk about the move indirectly. He knew that if the term 'Styles Clash' were mentioned there was no way that Vince McMahon would allow the move. His approach was ingenious, as he avoided naming the move.

"You know that move where he picks me up and dumps me on my face?"

The answer by Vince was music to Jericho's ears.

"He should use that as a finish!"

Jericho managed to manipulate Vince McMahon into unbanning the Styles Clash and got his approval for AJ to use it as his finisher.


Author's take

Jericho is one of the cleverest wrestlers to have worked for WWE, and his experience in working with Vince certainly helped him. Without the Styles Clash, finishes to AJ's matches would not feel as special.

There is a lot of hate for the feud between AJ and Jericho, as Jericho went over at Wrestlemania. But with this news, it was obviously a time when Jericho was helping Styles appear as a star in the eyes of Vince, as he saw the potential that he had.

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