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WWE News: Jerry Lawler on being 'The Guy' in the WWE locker room

Johny Payne
6.02K   //    28 Sep 2017, 08:36 IST

Roman Reigns scored a huge win over John Cena at RAW's No Mercy PPV.
Roman Reigns scored a huge win over John Cena at RAW's No Mercy PPV.

What’s the story?

In a recent edition of his podcast Dinner With The King, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler revealed details of how a performer’s life changes backstage after becoming ‘The Guy’ ergo the company’s top star.

Firstly, Lawler addressed No Mercy’s passing of the torch match between John Cena and Roman Reigns, which saw Cena lose clean to Reigns and then pass the proverbial torch to the Big Dog; upon which the King asserted that in WWE such a pivotal decision is made only by Vince McMahon.

Speaking about how ‘The Guy’ is treated backstage in the WWE locker room, Lawler explained that life truly does change as the promotion’s top star has his own locker room and own tour bus instead of sharing a room and bus with the other Superstars. 

In case you didn’t know…

The WWE believes in maintaining an individual Superstar who serves as the face of the company, as its top star.

Be it Hulk Hogan, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, The Rock or John Cena; the face of the WWE is usually considered to be ‘The Guy’ backstage.

The heart of the matter

Jerry Lawler alluded to why fans boo Roman Reigns—despite him not being a heel—pointing out that there are times when the fans feel a certain Superstar who’s being accorded a huge push, isn’t really ready for the top slot.

Furthermore, Lawler elucidated on Reigns’ recent comments wherein the Big Dog claimed to be the locker room leader; explaining that being ‘The Guy’ or the leader backstage is really a fallacy. He added:

There is a little bit of a fallacy in the fact of the guy that is “the guy” is the locker room leader; that is just not necessary real. A guy like Brock Lesnar; you never see Brock.
He’s always on his bus or his own locker room (and) you never see him. He stays in there until basically it’s time for his match (then) he goes out and comes back, and then he’s gone.

What’s next?

The WWE seems to be fixated on making Roman Reigns its new face; replacing John Cena, with the latter assuming part-time status owing to his budding Hollywood career. 

Author’s take

I’ve got to agree with the King here. Although Reigns may claim to be the leader backstage, he isn’t necessarily the guy, given the fact that someone like say Brock Lesnar exercises more clout over him.

Lesnar works fewer dates, comes and leaves as he pleases and gets paid a lot more than Reigns. Who do you feel is ‘The Guy’ in the WWE right now? Sound off in the comments!


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