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WWE News: Jerry Lawler shares John Cena's reaction to legendary trio watching Survivor Series

8.39K   //    25 Nov 2017, 12:01 IST

John Cena
Cena had time to comment on the trio of legends sitting backstage

What's the story?

Survivor Series might have divided opinion between fans, especially on how the WWE decided to let the RAW men’s team win the traditional 5-on-5 but there have been a number of stories coming out from the backstage area.

Jerry Lawler recently revealed that he was present behind the scenes at Survivor Series with a couple of other legends and John Cena reacted in 'John Cena' fashion as he walked past them.

In case you didn't know...

Cena was the fifth and final member selected for the SmackDown Live Survivor Series team but even with his firepower, the Blue brand lost the main event and the pay-per-view 4-3 to their rivals from RAW.

The heart of the matter

‘The King’ was speaking on this week’s episode of ‘Dinner with the King’ and was quoted by WrestlingInc that he was backstage with ‘The Brothers of Destruction’ watching the PPV while John Cena also had a remark when he saw the trio sitting together.

The kicker was the fact that Lawler believes Taker is good enough to wrestle once again, despite him suggesting earlier that ‘The Phenom’ was done with wrestling in the ring after that loss to Reigns.

“Now, I'm going to I'm going to go back on my word. Just looking at him the other night, I think there's some more matches left in the Undertaker."

The legends were speaking about the good old days of wrestling at Survivor Series but one of the greatest from the current generation, John Cena, had his say too as he was walking past Lawler, Taker and Kane.

'The Champ' glanced at the legends and walked past them but then backed up to say “That’s pretty cool” and was on his way again.

What's next?

While Taker returning to the ring might be expecting too much from the legend, there is still a lot Cena can offer and hopefully, he will have a chance to get back into the WWE Championship race and become a champ once again.

Author's take

This was Cena being Cena to the core, he might be one of the most divisive members of the WWE roster regarding fan support but he is one of the best performers outside the ring too and is genuinely one of the smartest guys in the locker room.

The opportunity to see all three of Taker, Kane and Lawler sitting together backstage would have been extremely rare but with Cena walking past, he just had to say something and even though it might not have been the best comeback, it was better than not saying anything at all.

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