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WWE News: Jim Ross says Vince McMahon probably saw himself in former WWE Champion 

Karan Bedi

JBL fit too well in the heel character
JBL fit too well in the heel character

On Grilling JR with Jim Ross, Conrad Thompson brought up JBL's run as WWE Champion, to which Jim Ross said that JBL had a natural talent to be disliked and this helped him excel as a heel WWE Champion. He also believed that Vince McMahon saw a bit of himself in JBL.

JR said that 'Bradshaw' was a really good heel and a tremendous athlete as well.

"John had athletic ability. He wasn't just a big guy with a big a** and three left feet, he had athletic ability to move around, that could feed a comeback. Heels that can't feed a comeback are not great heels. They can't be and what a great comeback is very subjective."

Ross believed that it was a very good booking and that JBL was perfect in the role. Thompson then queried whether this could have been McMahon's pet project. Ross agreed and said:

"I think Vince could identify with the big, powerful well-educated, monied tough guy and that's what Vince envisioned himself as in real life. So, it's not far fetched to let for his creativity to create that character and manifest itself, in the form of this case, JBL."

He further said that John Layfield didn't have to learn to be JBL as he was the character and McMahon could see the writing on the wall. Ross also said John had a good run at the top of the card and beat expectations.

Well, JR is not wrong in saying that JBL was a good heel. And saying that McMahon probably saw a bit of himself in the character is a bit of a revelation, but not that surprising either.

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