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WWE News: Jim Ross shocked at people complaining about Sasha Banks-Charlotte Flair rivalry

Ross also applauded Chris Jericho for his match against Roman Reigns on Raw this week.

Sasha and Charlotte have produced some classic matches during their rivalry

In his latest blog, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross reviewed this Monday night’s episode of Raw and showered particular praise on the way the rivalry between current Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair has panned out.

However, he did claim that he was perplexed that some people, including those in the WWE, were not happy about the long-running feud between the two talented women.

“The Charlotte-Sasha Banks rivalry has been well scripted and produced and on Monday night all involved executed their roles well. I find it shocking that some people, even many within the business, are complaining about how many times the two women have wrestled each other which I simply don’t understand,” wrote Ross.

“I feel that both women have the skill set to carry out a long arcing storyline but in today’s microwave climate, patience is not a virtue with today's fan base for the most part,” the iconic WWE commentator added.

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Continuing on the topic of Banks and Flair, Ross said that the 30-minute Ironman match scheduled between them at Roadblock: End of the Line will be challenging for both. But he appreciated the WWE for giving the women’s division a push by booking such a match.

Jim Ross stated, “The 30 minute Ironman, (why not Ironwomen BTW?) match will be a challenge to Sasha and Charlotte as it will require a logical pace, timely selling, a on going, under lying thread to their match I.E. someone has a dinged body part and it is exploited.”

“I applaud WWE and the two ladies for this booking and wish them the best of luck in telling a great story while continuing to advance their gender's place within the "man's world" of pro wrestling,” he continued.

Good Ol’ JR was also highly appreciative of veteran superstar Chris Jericho for his incredible match against Roman Reigns for the United States Championship. He asserted that Y2J is easily the best ‘heel’ in the WWE at present and working with him is a great learning experience for the others.

“Roman Reigns should buy Chris Jericho a bottle of Y2J's favorite beverage for helping make Reigns look extremely strong Monday night in many logical ways. Jericho is the best pure 'heel' in the business right now for my money and he brings a great learning experience to every one that he works with in a WWE ring. Nice match on Monday night,” Jim Ross wrote in his blog.

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