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WWE News: Jim Ross talks Cody Rhodes' disgust over Raw segment, advice on handling Braun Strowman and more

Ross referred to the WWE Cruiserweight Division as 'work in progress'.

Jim Ross feels Braun Strowman needs to evolve his selling skill sets

Iconic WWE commentator Jim Ross reviewed this Monday night’s episode of Raw in his most recent blog on Jrsbarbq.com. The topics that he discussed included Cody Rhodes’ disgust over the Dusty Rhodes bear segment on the show, how Braun Strowman should be used, the Cruiserweight division and more.

During this week’s Raw, women’s superstar Bayley gifted Goldust a polka-dotted teddy bear in honour of his father Dusty Rhodes, causing him to get emotional. However, The Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) intervened and ripped off the teddy bear’s head.

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Dusty’s younger son and former WWE star, Cody, expressed his displeasure over the entire incident after the show. Regarding this, Ross opined that it may not be right for anyone to judge the ROH superstar’s reaction as the segment was related to his father and hoped that whatever happened will be forgotten soon by the fans. He wrote:

“Cody Rhodes is upset that WWE used his late father's TV persona re: polka dots in a 'skit' on RAW. For any of us to judge this is unwise because Dusty Rhodes was not our father plus many don't know that the polka dots were not something of which Dream liked being reminded. At the end of the day, most fans will likely and quickly forget the material that has caused his negative feeling.”

About Braun Strowman, who has been wreaking havoc over the past few weeks on Raw, Good Ol’ Jr said that despite being an athletic big man, he doesn’t yet possess the skills to sell for an extended time period on TV. Ross explained that it becomes difficult to sell super heavyweight stars if the fans start to feel that they are being sold in a weak way.

This is what he had to say about the ‘Monster Among Men’:

As I've touted here and on the Ross Report podcast, WWE is onto something positive with the deliberate build for Strowman. He's an athletic big man who has the 'other gear' which is invaluable but Braun cannot be put into situations where he has to go into full, sell mode over any extended length of time.

Registering, yes, but full sale mode on TV at this time isn't wise until the huge athlete evolves his selling skill set a bit more. Learning to 'sell,' especially as a super heavyweight is an art form as it relates to the pro wrestling canvas. Super heavyweights get tossed to the curb by fans if those ticket buyers perceive the big guys sell in a weak manner.

In regards to the Cruiserweight division, Jim Ross claimed that it needed at least one heated feud to get people interested in it. He wrote that it is not possible to engage the entire roster at such a nascent stage of the division and the WWE needs to persist with a chosen few cruiserweights to run the show for now.

“The WWE Cruiserweight scene is a work in progress division that is going to take getting one hot rivalry relevant to get people talking. The entire roster can not 'get over' during this division's infancy in WWE. 2-4 select Cruiserweights need to be anointed and ran with,” Good Ol’ JR mentioned in his blog.

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