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WWE News: JJ Dillon shoots back at Eric Bischoff's allegations of revealing WWE talent salaries

234   //    05 Nov 2017, 16:40 IST

JJ Dillon had a few things to say about Eric Bischoff's allegations
JJ Dillon had a few things to say about Eric Bischoff's allegations

What's the story?

JJ Dillon recently faced allegations brought against him by Eric Bischoff, where the former head of WCW accused Dillon of having revealed WWE talent pay figures to him while they were both working in WCW.

Dillon recently appeared on Hannibal TV, where he addressed the allegations. He said that while he knew of the figures, he would never have revealed them to Bischoff and any amount that they may have spoken off were 'ballpark numbers'.

In case you didn't know...

JJ Dillon has had a long history in professional wrestling. Best known for his time as the 'strategic manager' of the original 'Four Horsemen', Dillon has seen his share of wrestling.

Dillon had also served as the front-office man for WWE between 1989 to 1997. During his time there he was privy to all the pay figures of WWE talent. After he left WWE, he joined WCW in the role of an on-camera commissioner.

The heart of the matter

In his interview with Hannibal TV, Dillon made the revelation that he had been aware of pay figures of WWE talent during his time in WWE. He said that despite knowing the figures, he had never revealed the exact amounts to Bischoff due to the 'proprietary' nature of the information.

He said that any of the figures he had mentioned were 'generalities', and he had not given Bischoff any of the specifics.

He went on to say that while had no axe to grind with Bischoff, the former head of WCW was not particularly knowledgeable in the business of wrestling. He also said that he did not care what opinion Eric had of him.

"He failed. He didn't fail because of me. At one point, Kevin Sullivan and I were put on the shelf. We had contracts and were being paid, and we were sent to Siberia. Whatever happened from that point that was to the demise of the company that they ceased to exist, two people who can share none of the burden of the responsibility would be Kevin Sullivan and myself."

He finished off by saying that Eric had not failed due to Dillon and talked about how he and Kevin Sullivan weren't consulted about the workings of the company despite getting paid regularly and thus were not responsible for the demise of the company.


Dillon has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the 'Four Horsemen'. Watch Dillon deliver an excellent promo during his time with the 'Horsemen'.

Author's take

Dillon was one of the most colourful figures during his time in wrestling.

Bischoff is known for stirring up controversy; he has after all written a book called "Controversy Creates Cash".

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