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John Cena comments on AJ Styles Championship win

The "old" face that runs the place responds to the victory of the new one.

Who is the true “Face that runs the place?”

John Cena and AJ Styles began a feud on May 30th this year, when AJ Styles attacked a returning Cena, thus turning heel in the process. Cena and Styles had absolutely incredible chemistry together, and it was this feud where AJ Styles truly began to excel in the WWE, and where he got the rocket strapped to his back. He defeated Cena the first time at Money In The Bank with the help of The Club, but when he got separated from Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and drafted to Smackdown Live (as did Cena), he managed to defeat Cena clean at Summerslam and winning their feud.

A heel winning a feud against Cena is a rarity and it just goes to show the level of trust that WWE officials have in Styles. Since 2015, the WWE Universe has warmed up considerably to Cena, probably because of his willingness to step away from the main event picture. However, if there were any doubters left on his ability to hold a great match, they definitely were silenced after their spectacular Summerslam bout, which many consider as a match of the year candidate.

Cena has been kept off of television for the past month intentionally. It is not due to him filming the second season of American Grit  as people thought. Cena has been backstage, and has been doing dark matches, and more recently, the series of international tours such as China, The Philippines,etc. 

The leader of the Cenation took to twitter to respond to AJ Styles WWE World Championship victory at Backlash:

Cena also congratulated Smackdown Live during the tweet. He is expected to return this coming Smackdown Live episode, and it is being said that he will rekindle his feud with Styles. It would be interesting if this is the case since Cena is confirmed to be taking another hiatus after appearing at No Mercy next month. The hiatus will last for the remainder of 2016. So in this case, if the rumors are true, the chances of Cena winning the title from Styles are almost zilch, especially since they are giving AJ Styles a tremendous push as the top star of the blue brand right now. Perhaps the main event of No Mercy could be a triple threat match between Styles, Cena and Ambrose, who has his rematch clause to cash in.

Would you like to see AJ Styles vs John Cena III?

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