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WWE News: John Cena is being eyed up for Superhero movie

John Cena in contention to play comic book hero "Superior".

Cena will be out of in-ring action when he leaves for shooting the second season of American Grit

John Cena is perhaps the most marketable WWE superstar of all time. With his colorful gimmick and charming mic skills, he is an instant hit with kids. His merchandise sales are over the top, he has the record for granting the highest number of wishes under the Make A Wish Foundation and he has become a recurring face on the silver screen.

While he may not be a megastar like the Rock yet, John Cena can still hold his own in Hollywood. With movies such as The Marine, The Reunion, Legendary and Trainwreck under his belt, Cena may be making a gradual transition from WWE to Hollywood.

Recent report state that production of Mark Millar's critically acclaimed comic series, Superior is underway and, the esteemed writer would like to see John Cena fill the shoes of the protagonist. According to him, Cena has the perfect mould and would be the best fit for the lead role in the movie.

Millar became a fan of John Cena after the latter’s performance on Trainwreck beside Amy Schumer. He said that in the movie Trainwreck, Cena was cast with four top of their game comedians and yet he shined bright and stole the show. Millar said that Cena was funny and commended his impeccable comic timing. He added that Cena was able to understand the role and appeared sensitive and thoughtful while doing so.

In an interview, Millar told ComicBook.com that Superior is "a fun story" with the premise and the concept being Big meets Superman. So he described the film's lead as a man who could pull off the comedy while at the same time being true to his character. According to Millar, Cena was born to play that role.

Superior tells the story of a young boy, Simon Pooni. He was living the life – had plenty of friends, had good looks and was a basketball prodigy according to his coach. But that was when he was still able and could move his legs. He later becomes a victim of multiple sclerosis and starts longing for all the little things in life that he never appreciated before and took for granted. He finds refuge in the world of movies and comics with his best friend. But then he is granted a wish and transforms into his favourite hero and uses his powers to help the world.

However, Millar made it clear that Cena's physical look is only a small reason for this casting choice. He said that Cena would embody the heart of the character and him being the leader with the Make A Wish foundation is another important factor.

Millar confirmed that he has been talking to Cena. He also said that the movie would be really funny and a director who is “great at comedy” would be taking up the reins soon.

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