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WWE News: John Cena made Nikki Bella sign a 75 page agreement before she moved in

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John Cena Nikki Bella
The couple has been in a relationship since 2012

When it comes to WWE, strange instances are common, and things like R-Truth playing Pokemon Go inside a WWE ring during a match is considered normal.

However, John Cena made every ‘strange’ incident in the WWE look tame when he revealed that he made his live-in partner Nikki Bella sign a 75-page agreement before she could move in with him.

During the second episode of WWE's new TV reality show, Total Bellas, John Cena was seen talking with former Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis.

Laurinaitis, who married Kathy Colace, the mother of Bella Twins in March this year, explored the possibilities of signing a prenuptial agreement with his future wife during the episode, which was shot prior to his marriage.

So Cena, who has had the unfortunate experience of going through a divorce in 2012, shared his experience with Raw’s former on-screen boss, and in the process also revealed that he made Nikki sign an agreement before she could move in with the 15-time world champ.

Here is a transcript of what Cena said: (source-

“Having been through that process, here is how I view it. It is like buying a handgun for home defense. It gives you a sense of security, and it gives you a failsafe in case something happens. And those who buy a handgun for self-defense pray, pray they never have to use it. Without it, it’s a dog fight. I had to have your sister sign an agreement to live in the house. And that’s - it wasn’t a one-page, it’s a 75-page agreement.”

John Cena started his relationship with Nikki Bella back in 2012 and according to the former Diva's Champion, she moved in with the former World Champion soon afterwards.

Although, as John revealed, she had to sign a 75-page agreement before she could move in with the face of WWE, which is a move John most probably thought was necessary after his divorce the same year.

It's worth noticing here that Cena married Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009, but their marriage didn't last long and the couple was separated just 3 years later in 2012.

Now if John Cena got a 75-page agreement prepared before even getting into a live-in relationship with Nikki, one can only imagine how long the prenup agreement will be if the couple ever decides to get married.

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