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WWE News: John Cena opens up about the origins of his "You Can't See Me" taunt 

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John Cena opens up about his
John Cena opens up about his "You Can't See Me" taunt

What's the story?

John Cena is a former 16-time World Champion and throughout the course of his career, he has become known for his "You Can't See Me" taunt, which is definitely one of the strongest in the wrestling business.

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In case you didn't know...

John Cena has dominated the wrestling world over the past few decades and has recently successfully made the switch over to the acting business, where he has proved that much like Batista and The Rock, he has what it takes to become a star of the silver screen as well.

Cena's character in the ring has been one of the main reasons why he has been so successful throughout his career and his "You Can't See Me" taunt has become one of the most famous parts of his gimmick and something that his young fanbase has easily been able to recreate.

The heart of the matter

Cena recently took part in a Q&A at Megacon in Orlando, Florida where he finally opened up about how one of the most recognizable parts of his character first came to life. (Transcript via WrestlingInc)

"I didn't know what else to say. And I figured if I somehow mastered a superpower it would give me an advantage over all my competition. So, I worked in a sorcery type way to master the power of invisibility. The truth behind that story is my youngest brother dared me to do a dance similar to [the 'You can't see me!' taunt] on television. I'm a sucker for a dare and I didn't want to blatantly rip-off the dance, so I just changed the move, and realized how ridiculous I looked when I did that, so I felt I should say something. And what came out was 'You can't see me!' which was even more ridiculous."

What's next?

Cena has been missing from WWE since The Greatest Royal Rumble when he defeated Triple H. His recent break up with Nikki Bella has dominated the headlines so it is currently unknown when he will make his return.

Author's take

Wrestling personas are said to be at their best when the person is themselves with their personality turned up to a hundred. Cena has never tried to be anything but himself, which could be why he's been so successful in the squared circle and on the silver screen.

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