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WWE News: John Cena posts an extremely rare photo of The Undertaker from his pre-WWE days

8.58K   //    21 Mar 2018, 08:14 IST

When will the Phenom break his silence?
When will the Phenom finally break his silence?

What's the story?

Cryptic Cena is at it again. The Cenation leader seems to be continuing on his quest to get the Undertaker to respond to his challenges, but this time, he's done so by posting a rare photo of the Deadman on Instagram.

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Cena didn't break tradition and left the caption's column blank as usual.

In case you didn't know...

John Cena followed up on last week's challenge to the Undertaker by shooting insults at the Phenom on this week's Raw. He was taken out with a Chokeslam from Kane for all his troubles.

The 16-time World Champion took to his Instagram handle to post a picture of The Undertaker's debut match from 1984 for World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW). Back then, the Undertaker wrestled under the Texas Red moniker.

However, the Texas Red wore a mask and the version on Cena's profile seems to be an alteration of one of Taker's former avatars.

Contrary to what the image states, Undertaker had his first match in 1987 against Bruiser Brody as Texas Red.


The heart of the matter

The photo Cena posted is Undertaker in his 'Mean' Mark Callous gimmick from his WCW days in 1990. As Mean Mark Callous, Taker grew his hair out while his in-ring gear consisted of a single glove with red and white tights.

It's interesting to note that WWE has never acknowledged the Undertaker's pre-WWE days in its storylines and have only released a minority of the footage over the years.

Cena may have posted a photo with incorrect information on it but the Franchise player is clearly trying his best to get the Deadman out of his comfort zone.

What's next?

Cena will face Kane next week on Raw and shouldn't find it difficult to overcome the Demon. With that being said, Undertaker should make his presence felt on next week's episode of Raw if this match is to happen on the grandest stage of them all.

Author's take

The only free agent in WWE is surely bringing his A-game for his 'personal' feud with the Deadman; both on TV and on social media.

Posting a photo about the Undertaker itself is bound to get the fans talking more so than a rare gem.