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WWE News: John Cena says retirement is far away, dares AJ Styles to beat him

Sudhir Bose
9.77K   //    18 Jun 2016, 19:43 IST
Come get some

With the term “New Era” being thrown around frequently, it was only a matter before it was embodied as a storyline. And Creative picked two of the biggest Superstars in the world, let alone the WWE, to manifest it.

John Cena’s return was expectedly volcanic, but what followed was certainly worth the self-loathing that comes with awaiting his comeback but not admitting it. AJ Styles, the unexpeted torch-bearer who carried main events and held up merchandise sales, decided it was time to make his bones in the WWE.

In a virtual number one versus number two, Cena did admirably to plug the “New Era versus Old Guard” spiel. Personal bias aside, the match is every bit a dream match as Michael Cole claims. Two of the biggest contemporary wrestlers in the world head-to-head in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

Calling a bunch of 30-something veterans part of the new era is quite a misnomer, but it fits, in context. The numbers aren’t on his side, but the WWE’s resident Superman has made a living out of never giving up and hustling over the odds.

A couple of days from Money In The Bank, the fifteen-time WWE Champion tweeted this:

The word “retirement” may bubble up in your mind, but it’s pretty obvious Cena used that as an expression. And despite the brave front he’s putting up, there is backstage talk of letting Styles pick up the win with help from Anderson and Gallows.

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