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WWE News: John Cena returning on tonight's episode of SmackDown Live?

The franchise player will be back sooner than anybody expected.

John Cena
John Cena was supposed to be away from WWE for a couple of months

It appears that the former WWE World heavyweight Champion John Cena would be back on WWE TV sooner than anybody expected after suffering from a loss at the hands of AJ Styles at SummerSlam.

During the recent appearance at Salt Lake Comic Con festival, Cena took part in a Q&A session where he was asked by a fan about his loss at the PPV and what he meant when he left his armband in the ring afterward.

In reply, the franchise player of WWE said that his action had personal significance to him but fans will have to wait to see what it means in the upcoming weeks.

Following this, Dave Melzer noted on the wrestling observer radio that Cena who was originally rumored to be away from WWE for at least a couple of months is now scheduled to be a part of SmackDown's No Mercy PPV on October 9th.

Interestingly, Meltzer also noted that Cena is expected to face none other than the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles upon his return which will put him directly in the hunt for a historic 16th world title reign inside WWE.

Although we should note here that the 15-time world champion is not expected to win the WWE title anytime soon as he is expected to leave once again sometimes in mid-October to shoot the 2nd season of American Grit which would allegedly keep him out of WWE programming for the rest of the year.

Keeping the both revelations in mind, the former United States Champion is expected to be back on WWE TV sometimes before the next Brand- Exclusive PPV of SmackDown, No Mercy.

Since there are lots of questions that need to be answered after the symbolic Armband drop by John and WWE also has a feud to build between the two SummerSlam opponents if they are facing each other at the upcoming PPV, the imminent return of Cena could come as soon as tonight's episode of SmackDown Live.

As seen on SummerSlam this year, AJ Styles defeated John Cena clean using his Styles' Clash maneuver followed by a springboard forearm. After the match, Cena took his armband and left it in the ring after kissing it.

While Cena has been taking part in Dark Matches and has also become part of several WWE Live Events following the PPV, the face of the company has not appeared on the WWE TV ever since he lost to AJ Styles on the biggest event of the Summer.

This has created lots of buzz online on what the former World Champion wanted to indicate from this move and many considered it to be a symbolic start of the end of Cena's career as a pro wrestler.

However, while WWE has taken all the rumors surrounding the retirement of Cena into consideration, they have yet to reveal the real meaning of the symbolic action from the franchise player of the company

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