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WWE News: John Cena reunites with Make-A-Wish kid after five years

Riju Dasgupta
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A heart warming story featuring WWE's biggest star
A heart warming story featuring WWE's biggest star

What's the story?

WWE Superstar John Cena is a role model for kids across the world. In addition to his duties inside the ring, John Cena is also known for his 'Make-A-Wish' appearances for his fans.

In a recent Tweet, WWE posted a clip of John Cena reuniting with a 'Make a Wish' foundation kid after five years on the 'TODAY' show. Check out the heart warming story here.

In case you didn't know...

Nick Santillo was born with a rare heart condition. Plagued with surgeries all through his life, he found reassurance in the positive attitude of his hero, John Cena.

In the year 2013, the TODAY show allowed Santillo to meet Cena and spend some time with him. That incident changed his life, in more ways than one.

Since then, Santillo only undergoes one doctor visit every year. Miraculously, his conditioned improved after he met John Cena. What a truly heart warming story!

The heart of the matter

Five years later, once again on the TODAY show, Santillo reunited with his hero. The thirteen year old kid could not hold back tears, as he embraced his hero and the man who had changed his life.

Five years later, he was much healthier and in a much happier place. This incident was obviously a special moment for John Cena as well, who took to Twitter and sent this message out.

What's next?

John Cena is scheduled to be a part of the Elimination Chamber match, on the road to WrestleMania. Certain rumours have indicated that he's on a collision course with The Undertaker. The following weeks should shed more light, with regard to the situation at hand.

Author's take

John Cena has maintained that he cannot turn heel because of what he means to those little kids. It's impossible to disagree, when you look at this video.

Congratulations to Santillo for his recovery, and also for the magical moment with his hero.

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