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WWE News: John Cena reveals why he can kick out at two

Does this mean that Cena beat Styles at Rumble?

Guess, we know now why John kicks out at two.

What’s the story

John Cena is WWE’s resident Superman. His notorious habit of kicking out of other wrestlers’ finishers has earned him the name “SuperCena” among WWE Universe. In his latest tweet, John Cena reveals why he will be able to kick out at two for AJ Styles’ finisher at Royal Rumble.

In case you didn’t know...

John Cena returned to SmackDown Live! two weeks ago after completing his commitments outside WWE. Immediately on his return, John Cena expressed his intention to challenge for the WWE Championship to become 16-time world champion and equal legendary Ric Flair’s record during his return promo. 

Last week on SmackDown, John Cena and WWE Champion AJ Styles signed the contract to close the deal and make AJ Styles vs. John Cena official at Royal Rumble. Though Styles has already beaten three times and Cena is yet to defeat Styles in a one on one match, John Cena has stated that this time it will be different.

Cena has also been expressing some heelish tendencies after hinting at an imminent heel turn for some time now.  

The heart of the matter

It is a long-standing standing joke among the WWE Universe that Cena always manages to bury talented Superstars. The hatred of John Cena’s invulnerability has given birth to various jokes and memes over the time. The most popular being the “John Cena Sucks” chant that can be hummed in rhythm with his entrance music.

John has begun to express some heelish tendencies of late and many speculate that a long-awaited heel turn is around the corner. His recent promos asking WWE Universe to recognise him has been gaining some steam and it is rumoured that he will topple AJ Styles at Royal Rumble.

To add fuel to these rumours, John has released a new tweet with a video of him training which has caused quite a stir among the WWE Universe.

What’s next?

If rumours are to be believed, John is expected to go over Styles at Royal Rumble and face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. The epic clash between John Cena and The Undertaker is a much-awaited one for WWE fans. Fans have been clamouring for that match for the last two years.

It is still unclear if John would face ‘Taker at Mania. The Royal Rumble is expected to provide some clear directions as to the route WWE takes for the Mania as it has been the tradition. To be precise, the road to WrestleMania begins at The Royal Rumble, always.

Sportskeeda’s Take

John’s long-standing habit of kicking out of other wrestlers’ finishers at two has irked the loyal WWE fans quite a bit. If these indications are to be believed, John will surely kick out at two after The Phenomenal Forearm at The Royal Rumble.

We can also expect John to win the championship for the 16th time and equal Ric Flair’s legendary record. at this year Royal Rumble. This Rumble is turning out to be quite an eventful one.

Tweet Speak

It is needless to say that John Cena’s tweet has irked quite a few WWE fans. They have responded to John in a candid manner via Twitter. Here are a few of such tweets.

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