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WWE Rumors: John Cena was supposed to face Samoa Joe at Wrestlemania

Samoa Joe was set to destroy Cena!!!

Rumors 01 Mar 2017, 10:36 IST
Wrestlemania 33 is turning out to be a story of what could have been

What’s the story?

According to, John Cena was originally slated to face Samoa Joe at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship. The rumour started making the rounds when WWE posted a video on their Youtube channel that showcased how the two Superstars started their careers together but eventually went their separate ways.

Here is the video posted by WWE:

In case you didn’t know...

As seen in the video, Joe and Cena first met at the California-based promotion Ultimate Pro Wrestling that was affiliated with WWE’s developmental system in the early 2000s. The two Superstars were fierce rivals in the ring but enjoyed a cordial relationship outside of it. Cena even ate meals with Joe and his family.

The heart of the matter

According to, Joe was supposed to make his main roster debut at Royal Rumble (2017) and win the titular 30 man Battle Royal; he was then supposed to challenge, the newly crowned Champion, Cena for the WWE Championship.

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Furthermore, Joe was scheduled to squash Cena at the Show of Immortals and establish himself as the top heel of the company. The booking was made to write off Cena from WWE television as he is expected to go on an eight-month hiatus, right after Wrestlemania season.

What’s next?

While the Wrestlemania plans for Joe are yet to be revealed, it is pretty much a guarantee that Cena will be teaming up with Nikki Bella to take on The Miz and Maryse.

The first seeds of the impending feud were sown last week when Maryse attacked Nikki during her match with Natalya. Later that night, The Miz eliminated Cena after he was eliminated by him, costing the Franchise player a title opportunity at the Show of Shows.

Sportskeeda’s take

It goes without saying that a Wrestlemania bout between Cena and Joe would have been huge, and the WWE Championship would have added another layer of intrigue. 

It could have been a fantastic night for Joe, and we hope that WWE revisits this plan soon.

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