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WWE News: (Video)John Cena wishes America a happy Independence Day with the most beautiful message

It's the kind of message most people forget on Independence Day

News 05 Jul 2016, 20:39 IST

John Cena is as patriotic as they come and has teamed up with Love Has No Labels this Independence Day for their #WeAreAmerica campaign.

Cena celebrates the diversity that makes up America and speaks out for acceptance of all communities regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability in the videos below. Celebrate the diversity that makes America, America.

Though Cena is quoting numbers in the video, the honesty that the message carries is far from just academic. It’s the truth that must be the guide to each and every human being, not just in America, but in every corner of the globe. 

Today’s world is far from ideal and neither will it ever be, just like those who live in it. But as Cena says, that doesn’t mean we cannot make it the kind of place our descendants would thank us for.

But mere words, even those in the video, don’t do the message justice. Take a look for yourselves and tell your friends; maybe they’ll tell their friends and it’ll go on from there and never stop.

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