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WWE News: Justin Gabriel talks about John Cena's blunder with Nexus

1.94K   //    19 Jun 2016, 15:49 IST
Justin Gabriel along with Nexus

2010 was the year that marked the debut of WWE’s one of the most nefarious stables –  The Nexus. The red-hot stable went roughshod through WWE’s roster by taking out of both tops guys and newbies alike. At a point, it looked as if that the stable would control WWE for years to come. Unfortunately, their momentum came to an abrupt halt at SummerSlam thanks to John Cena.

Even though several veterans on the roster argued against Team Cena beating Nexus cleanly, John Cena convinced WWE Creative that it would be an ideal finish. That loss hurt the momentum of Nexus and soon became the cornerstone for Nexus’ declaim.

Justin Gabriel, a former member of Nexus and widely known as PJ Black of Lucha Underground, participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything recently. When asked about whether that loss hurt the momentum of Nexus, he replied the following.

"Yea, it did, and we tried to fight that - Edge, Jericho, guys like that fought for us and knew where the storyline was supposed to go. But unfortunately, one guy had a lot of power and made the change. He admitted he was wrong after that and there's nothing more we could do about it."

But as to working with Cena, he told that John Cena had a certain grip on the audience and could understand what they want when. And he also revealed that he enjoyed working with The Undertaker and commented that he was the nicest to work with. He also talked about the frankensteiner spot he put up with Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma and other matters regarding Lucha Underground. 

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