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WWE News: Kalisto shoots on Enzo Amore ahead of their WWE TLC 2017 Cruiserweight Championship match

Daniel Wood
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Kalisto leaves Enzo down and out to win the Cruiserweight Title
Kalisto leaves Enzo down and out to win the Cruiserweight Title

What's the story?

During an interview with Bleacher Report, current Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto had a lot to say about his TLC 2017 opponent, Enzo Amore, sensationally shooting on the 'Bonafide Stud' and saying that Amore would soon get 'found out' inside a wrestling ring.

In case you didn't know...

On the October 9th, Monday Night Raw, Kalisto successfully became Cruiserweight Champion by beating the controversial Enzo Amore in a Lumberjack Match. During the match, the entire Cruiserweight division took their frustrations out on Amore following his shock crowning as champion and subsequent terrorising of all of the 205 LIVE Superstars, allowing Kalisto to win.

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Since then Kalisto and Amore have been in a bitter feud over the title with Amore. On the go-home Monday Night Raw, Amore formed a faction of the Cruiserweight heels, Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Noam Dar and Arya Daivari and the five men demolished Kalisto inside the ring.

The heart of the matter

It's safe to say that there's some animosity between the current and former Cruiserweight Champions, but Kalisto's recent Bleacher Report interview seems to blur the lines between storyline and real-life hatred, here's what he had to say about Enzo Amore.

“[Enzo] has a big mouth and he’s good at it. The only thing that I believe he brought to 205 Live was his catchphrases. How long is that going to last? It’s going to get old. It’s going to get boring. And people are going to know, that dude can’t go. It’s just a matter of time.”

As you can see this clearly comes across as a 'shoot' on Enzo Amore, with Kalisto criticising his ability to wrestle from a real-life perspective. It comes across that Kalisto is suggesting that Amore might be popular now, but it won't last.

Whats next?

Enzo Amore and Kalisto are set to do battle once again at TLC 2017. Currently, their match doesn't have any stipulations, but it's not too late for this deeply personal feud to receive one at the last minute.

Author's take

I agree with Kalisto, Enzo is extremely charismatic and good on the microphone, but he can't wrestle, especially when compared to some of the truly skilled 205 LIVE Superstars.

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