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WWE News: Karen Jarrett reacts to Jeff Jarrett's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame

Soumik Datta
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Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett are also the founders of GFW Wrestling
Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett are also the founders of Global Force Wrestling.

What’s the story?

Following the announcement of Jeff Jarrett’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018, his wife Karen has taken to social media to react to the news of her husband’s monumental achievement.

In case you didn’t know…

As reported first by NBC Sports last week, former six-time WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett will be inducted into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame Class, along with the likes of Ivory, The Dudley Boyz, and Bill Goldberg.

Jarrett, who was once considered as one of the most controversial and problematic wrestlers of all time, is the founder of Global Force Wrestling and has also played a huge role overall in the entire wrestling business.

The heart of the matter

In a recent Instagram post, Karen Jarrett stated that she is indeed very happy for her husband, who according to her, has been disrespected and disregarded for his knowledge, vision, passion, and experience in the wrestling industry by numerous people who never watched wrestling and had no clue about the business behind the scenes.

Additionally, Karen also wrote that reading the various posts on the social media and going through the articles on her husband on different websites brings nothing but joy to her heart.

Furthermore, Karen also claimed that her husband is one of the most humble personalities to ever step foot in the wrestling business and is someone who never credits himself for the good that he has done or the success he has had in this business. Lastly, Karen also thanked and showed her immense gratitude towards every single wrestler, promoter, fan, reporter, radio station, news station that has credited Jeff Jarrett for who he is today and for all his achievements in this industry.

You can read Karen Jarrett’s post below:

The last few nights I have been catching up on social media, news ect...about @realjeffjarrett and I have to say my ❤️ is overflowing with Happiness for him. For 7 years I have watched individuals that had NEVER watched wrestling and had NO CLUE about the business behind the scenes or in the ring disrespect and disregard his knowledge, vision, passion and experience. As a wife it is very difficult to watch this and not be able to do something. I developed a reputation of being out spoken and a Bitch thru these years from speaking up and demanding respect for my husband. Now I know All those struggles happened for a reason. They helped not just Jeff but also myself grow as a person and taught us many lessons of life, family, friendships, our marriage and business. Watching the videos, reading the posts on social media, reading the articles on websites, watching the news ect...NO WORDS can express the JOY it brings to my heart for JEFF!!! He is so humble and never credits himself for the good that he has done or the success he has had in this business. He ALWAYS gives the credit to someone else or puts someone else over and takes the attention off himself. But he is the first to stand up when a mistake has been made and say my fault take the blame and do his best to change or fix things. THANK YOU to EVERY single wrestler, promoter, fan, reporter, radio station, news station everyone across the board in this business and outside of this business that has spoke out showing Jeff who he is to you, what he has accomplished in your eyes, how he has impacted your life, what you learned and took w/ you from your time with him, the joy he brought to you as a fan whether you were loving or hating him at the time. I applaud and send love to every single one of you and again say thank you!!! I am going to continue to enjoy being quiet watching, listening and smiling as @realjeffjarrett gets the respect and recognition he so deserves!!! #ainthegreat #WWE2018HOF #itishistime #grateful

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What’s next?

The 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony takes place on the 6 April, 2018 at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans the night before WrestleMania 34.

Author’s take

In my opinion, Jeff Jarrett is indeed one of the biggest personalities in this wrestling business and the former WWE Intercontinental Champion totally deserves his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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