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NJPW/ROH News: Kenny Omega on Roman Reigns, WWE Championship booking; ends war with Chris Jericho

Johny Payne
8.43K   //    30 Oct 2017, 03:41 IST

Kenny Omega fires shots at Roman Reigns and WWE
Kenny Omega fires shots at Roman Reigns and WWE

What’s the story?

Kenny Omega’s war of words with Chris Jericho has seemingly come to a halt, with both stars agreeing to close the case—

Additionally, Omega responded to a fan who mentioned Roman Reigns; with the Cleaner taking a subtle shot at the Big Dog and the WWE’s booking.

In case you didn’t know…

Kenny Omega is widely regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers in the world, and has notched up a highly-respectable resume; most of his work coming in NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling).

On the other hand, Chris Jericho has time and again emphasized his loyalty towards the WWE brand; pointing out that he is indeed a WWE lifer. Y2J is regarded by industry experts as one of the greatest pro-wrestlers of all time.


The heart of the matter

Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho have been feuding with one another on Twitter over the past few days; with the Cleaner claiming to be one of the best in the business and undermining WWE, whereas Y2J pointing out his own credentials and the notion that the Vince McMahon-helmed promotion is indeed the ‘big leagues’ of professional wrestling.

Apparently, both Omega and Jericho decided to end their social media back-and-forth, after the NJPW star spoke about being a plus-4.75 star performer while the WWE icon fired back, calling the former a 4.75-star jacka**.

Following which, Omega sounded off, insinuating that online banter earns no pay and that he refuses to give Y2J free publicity, in response to which the former WWE Champion ordered Omega to go away to Tokyo—the only place where people actually care about him.

The feud seemed to have reached its conclusion, however, Omega decided to get in the final word, by explaining that Jericho having lost to Roman Reigns is quite similar to a WWE title run—‘everybody gets one!’ alluding to WWE’s booking of its most prestigious championship being less than stellar.

What’s next?

Kenny Omega performs for NJPW and ROH, and you can find details of his latest big venture right HERE. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho works for the WWE but is currently busy with his music obligations outside the ring. 

Author’s take

Well, it’s nice to see Kenny and Chris move past their petty Twitter battle.

Although I do have a strong inkling that their online feud may be a work, whether or not this culminates in Omega eventually coming over to WWE or Y2J jumping ship to NJPW (less likely), remains to be seen.  

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