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WWE News: Kevin Owens confirms why he went home from South American tour

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Owens is
The man himself is speaking up now

What's the story?

Kevin Owens needed to go home from WWE's recent tour of Argentina. There was a very good reason for this decision but it was very personal because it concerned his family. We exclusively broke this story yesterday and now Kevin Owens is coming out to confirm our previous report.

In case you didn't know...

Kevin Owens might be an unremorseful heel on television but he is a family man first and foremost. They take absolute precedent in his life above all else including pro wrestling.

Therefore when his family needed him the most, he had to get to them regardless of how far away he might have been at the time.

The heart of the matter

Kevin Owens came out to speak on the subject and clarified he is not sick or hurt. He needed to be with his family because they come first for him.

The Prizefighter also thanked WWE for their support as they had his back through the entire situation.

What's next?

Kevin Owens is not sick at all nor is he injured. Everyone's body gets banged up so I'm sure the break was much appreciated, but the important part was Kevin Owens' need to be with his family.

Owens is still one of the top heels on SmackDown Live and will continue his journey alongside his newly reunited best friend Sami Zayn. The best is yet to come for Owens which is saying a lot because it's been a pretty fantastic ride already.

Author's take

Even though Kevin Owens is living his dream as a WWE Superstar he's always going to put his family first. Even though he was in South America at the time he found a way to make it back to his family when they needed them and you can't hate on him for that.

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