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WWE News: Kevin Owens hurls non-PG insults at Goldberg before their match at Fastlane began

Kevin Owens used some colorful language in his WWE Fastlane matchup against Goldberg.

News 07 Mar 2017, 13:20 IST
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Goldberg and Kevin Owens constantly trashed-talked each other in the lead-up to WWE Fastlane.  (* Credits- WWE.com).

What’s the story?

Kevin Owens hurled colorful non-PG insults at his veteran opponent Goldberg before his WWE Universal Championship match started, mouthing off on the ‘King of the Spear’ before the bell rang.

While most of the profanities were inaudible to the ringside microphones, a brief glimpse of KO’s trash-talking was caught in slow-motion by the cameras and has since gone viral on social media. Here’s Owens calling Goldberg a ‘Little piece of s***-

In case you didn’t know...

Kevin Owens is a former NXT champion who has held the WWE Intercontinental title (2x) and is considered to be one of the best pro-wrestlers to have come from the independent circuit over the years.

KO also holds the record for being the longest reigning WWE Universal champion, a championship that he lost to Goldberg at RAW’s Fastlane PPV. Goldberg needs no introduction, boasting a long list of Championships that includes several titles in his WCW days, the WWE World heavyweight championship and most recently the WWE Universal title. 

The heart of the matter

Given all the talk of Owens and Goldberg genuinely disliking one another, their trash-talking seems all the more intense.

Yes, it’s all kayfabe but the tension in the air during the intros was something to behold and now that we’re in the PG-era of professional wrestling, instances of fighters shouting profanities over the top of their lungs and hyping up their bad-blood are so rare and far-between. 

And although the WWE camera crew smartly panned away from the two Superstars, giving us a long-shot view of the ring, KO and Goldberg were so loud and intense that they’re voices were heard during the live broadcast (PS- Good luck finding them guys, the WWE microphones immediately toned down the in-ring voice feed during the live segment).

Nevertheless, the pop that both Superstars got from the crowd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin once again goes to show how much we, as fans, miss the Attitude era. 

What’s next?

With Jericho’s interference causing KO his title at Fastlane, the two friends-turned-foes are all set to duke it out inside the squared-circle as we approach ‘Mania for the US Championship. As for the WWE Universal Champion Goldberg, he’ll defend his strap against Brock Lesnar in their trilogy matchup on April 2nd at Wrestlemania 33. Giddy up! 

Sportskeeda’s take

Owens used non-PG language on a live PPV broadcast, but all you KO fans out there needn’t fret. Although the WWE now delivers strictly PG-content, a few slip-ups here and there are no big deal. Besides, the company is gifted to have an uber-talented performer like Kevin Owens on its hands, who is as great on the mic as he is with his ring-craft. 

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