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WWE News: Kevin Owens refers to Goldberg as ‘the enemy’, talks his friendship with Chris Jericho

Owens spoke about being inspired by Jericho much before entering the WWE.

Kevin Owens and Goldberg’s brief exchange on last week’s Raw was a heated one

What’s the story?

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens was recently on ESPN Sportscenter’s Off The Top Rope segment with Jonathan Coachman. He took part in the ‘One Word’ section of the segment where he called Goldberg ‘the enemy’ while also sharing his thoughts on Chris Jericho and his Universal title win.

In case you didn’t know…

Last week’s Raw witnessed the first episode of ‘The Kevin Owens Show’ with none other than Goldberg as the special guest. Things got heated up a bit Owens tried to insult ‘The Myth’, who in turn threatened to take away the WWE Universal title from whoever holds it after the match between ‘K.O.’ and Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble.

The WCW legend and Kevin Owens also engaged in some Twitter banter after the show. Goldberg retweeted a fan’s tweet asking Owens to teach him a lesson with the comment that he was looking forward to it. In response, the ‘Prizefighter’ poked fun at the 50-year old by tweeting, “Ok then! Let's start. Lesson 1: Putting a microphone in your mouth to take your coat off instead of on the table right next to you is weird.”

The heart of the matter

When asked by Jonathan Coachman about the one word he associated with Goldberg, Owens replied that it was ‘the enemy’. The reason for this, according to him, was the fact that he was a hardcore WWE fan since childhood and Goldberg was the face of their rival promotion, WCW. Here’s what the WWE Universal Champion said:

“I guess the one word I would call him is the enemy. Because growing up as a hardcore, die-hard WWE fan, he was the enemy, because he was the figurehead of WCW. The poster boy.”

About the new United States Champion Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens said that he was a ‘friend’. He claimed that Jericho was someone he looked up to during his pre-WWE days and so it’s special for him to able to work alongside Y2J week after week on Raw. Owens was quoted as saying this:

“Friend. I looked up to him for so many years coming up through the independents and everything, watching him in the WWE. So to be by his side on RAW every week is definitely something special.”

Owens said that there were plenty of words which he could use to describe his Universal title win such as ‘fulfilling’ and ‘gratifying’. He also used the word ‘vindicating’ because not many people had given him a chance of even making it into the WWE, let alone becoming a champion. ‘K.O.’ stated:

“Fulfilling. I mean I could use a lot of words. Gratifying, vindicating, as I've been told many times by many people that I wouldn't make it to WWE, let alone be the champion, and here I am.”

What next?

Come the Royal Rumble, Kevin Owens will be defending his WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns with his ‘best friend’ Chris Jericho locked up in a shark cage which will be suspended several feet above the ring.

Sportskeeda’s Take

While a feud between one of the top present-day superstars in the WWE, Kevin Owens, and a legend like Goldberg is a mouth-watering prospect for the fans, there is little chance of it materialising anytime soon.

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