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WWE News: Kevin Owens responds to Randy Orton's snarky remark, destroys him on social media

Riju Dasgupta
9.61K   //    29 Oct 2017, 13:21 IST

You just don't mess with Kevin Owens
You just don't mess with Kevin Owens

What's the story?

We recently brought you the story about Randy Orton making fun of Kevin Owens' weight in a social media post. Not one to take insults lying down, Kevin Owens would respond in kind and destroy The Viper with his reply.

Here is a glimpse of Orton's original comment, made on Instagram:

Owens responded with a comment in his original post, and you can check out his response right here:

Shots have been fired.

In case you didn't know...

Kevin Owens is known for being one of the most entertaining personalities on social media, with his quick wit and incredible humour. Despite the fact that he has always been on the stouter end of the spectrum, Owens has made quite a career for himself as a sports entertainer.


Of course, Orton, always leaner, meaner and fitter, would take a jab at Owens' weight, and pay for it.

The heart of the matter

Owens made light of the fact that Randy Orton's matches have been underwhelming in the recent past. So, whereas Orton was supposedly piling on the pounds to take on Kevin Owens in a future encounter, Owens was reportedly 'watching paint dry' as Orton's matches have been 'boring', in his opinion.

It would be hilarious if both men were allowed to trade insults on live television, although we have a feeling that Owens would destroy Orton during the verbal spat. Now, we're really pumped for the program.

What's next?

We know for a fact that Randy Orton will be part of Team SmackDown Live at Survivor Series. Kevin Owens takes on Shinsuke Nakamura on SmackDown Live next week, for the coveted spot.

Author's take

Do not mess with Kevin Owens on social media. That's all I have to say, folks.

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