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WWE News: Kevin Smith says he was banned from SmackDown after AEW appearance

Nicky Pags
1.81K   //    10 Oct 2019, 20:23 IST

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith banned by WWE

Movie director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy) made an appearance at the All Elite Wrestling Dynamite premiere on TNT last week, and Smith was accompanied by Jason Mewes, who is famous for playing the role of Jay, alongside Smith's Silent Bob, in numerous Kevin Smith flicks.

Following the appearance on AEW, Smith, and Mewes were scheduled to appear at the premiere of WWE SmackDown on FOX two nights later, but during an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Smith said WWE canceled his and Mewes TV appearance and they were "banned" from the show.

"We were supposed to go do WWE, me and Jay, the very next day, which was Friday," Smith said. "Was it Friday? SmackDown. And then the morning after, because we were on the AEW show, it trended, like, there was a lot of coverage and stuff. So the next morning we were told that WWE was like, 'You can't come on anymore,' and they canceled us. They kicked me and Jay off the show, but not in a crazy way, they didn't hit us with chairs."

This week marked the second week of the Wednesday Night Wars between WWE and AEW, which saw WWE pit NXT against Dynamite for another well received night of pro wrestling. Last week, AEW won the ratings war between the two shows, and this week the war escalated when Chris Jericho took a shot at WWE booking, referencing Jake Hagar's former "we the people" catchphrase. [h/t to for the transcription]

WWE has not commented on the situation involving Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, however, the two did not appear on SmackDown as allegedly scheduled, and it remains to be seen whether or not they will be used on WWE TV in the future.

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