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WWE News: Kurt Angle hints at facing John Cena in a singles match

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Who would win next time?

What's the story?

Kurt Angle and John Cena have a long history with each other dating back to Cena's WWE debut. But the two accomplished a lot while not battling with each other.

When the two were finally in the same ring at Survivor Series it was a very special moment and many people who know their pro wrestling history. It must have been plenty special for Kurt Angle as well because it sounds like he's ready for another match against Big Match John.

In case you didn't know...

When Kurt Angle started lacing his boots up once again with WWE, it opened a plethora possible dream matches as well as many matchups.

When John Cena locked eyes with Kurt Angle during the men's Survivor Series match it might not be the most memorable moment of the night, but it certainly stuck with The Olympic Hero as something worth noting.

The heart of the matter

It really does make sense when things come full circle. When the WWE Universe's Twitter account posted a shot of Cena and Angle squaring off during WWE's big November Classic, it more than drove home the point that people would love to see these two pro wrestling legends square off once more time.

Kurt Angle obviously agreed with everyone who wanted to see him square off with John Cena as well. He sent out a response posing the question if the WWE Universe will ever see John Cena vs Kurt Angle one-on-one once again.

He concluded by saying "we will see", which is something pretty big to look out for if it is destined to be down the line.


What's next?

Kurt Angle is still in amazing shape and able to perform at a very high level. Although he might be a full-time performer at this stage in his career, he deserves to be able to work a lighter schedule. Who knows if John Cena might be on his list of people to face down the line?

Author's take

To see John Cena and Kurt Angle build to a big-time match would be a suitable ending to their story. It could be a program full of rich history and respect. But at the same time, some of the best matches are strictly out of competitive nature and that's all the motivation these two could need to tear the house down.

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