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WWE News: Kurt Angle talks about Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and the Hall Of Fame

Kurt Angle speaks about Hall Of Fame induction, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg's current run.

News 23 Feb 2017, 19:56 IST
Kurt Angle speaks about Goldberg, Lesnar and Hall Of Fame

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with Ring Rust RadioKurt Angle spoke about multiple topics ranging from the Hall Of Fame induction to his opinion about his ex-coworkers. The motive of this interview was to promote the AngleStrong app which is created to aid those who are dealing with alcohol and substance addictions. 

Kurt Angle has come in limelight after the announcement of his inclusion in the Hall Of Fame. In the interview, Angle speaks about his reaction when he received the phone call regarding his induction:

“When I did get the call, I was thinking I was getting a call to wrestle, but they presented the Hall of Fame to me. I was elated and I know I don't much time left for wrestling and I am transitioning, so it was OK. I was all right doing it, but I did bring up the fact that am I going to be able to wrestle again and basically, I was shot down and told, 'Let's get you to the Hall of Fame and we will talk after that.' There are no plans for me wrestling.”

In case you didn’t know...

Kurt Angle was announced as the first inductee into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Even though many rumors circulated online about Angle’s return to WWE after his departure from TNA, nobody expected Angle to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame right away.

Angle, aged 48 years, is still an active wrestler and doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon. He is slated to face Cody Rhodes in a Steel Cage Match at Wrestlefest XXI, which will be his last match for an independent promotion.

Kurt Angle had made his debut in 1998 and went on to perform for WWE till 2006. After his departure from WWE, he went to TNA where he spent more than a decade and became a World Champion a record six times.

The heart of the matter

Brock Lesnar won his second world Championship against Angle at Wrestlemania XIX. These two men had several interactions throughout their time in Smackdown and together, they provided the fans with many thrilling and exciting moments. Kurt Angle had the following to say about the Beast Incarnate:

"Brock is the greatest athlete I've ever gotten in the ring with. He can be the best at whatever he wants to be. He was an NCAA champion, a UFC champion and he was one cut away from making an NFL team and without ever playing a game in his life. I know his capabilities, and he has that kind of potential. To show that kind of versatility, not many people can do that. Brock is a special athlete not because he is so big and strong, but because he's such a great damn athlete and one of the best I ever got in the ring with.”

Kurt Angle’s induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame was announced in January, which came as a surprise to him as he insisted that he was nowhere close to hanging up his boots and wished to have one last run with WWE.

He also revealed that an in-ring return has not been discussed yet with the WWE. Although fans are desperate to see Angle wrestle again, WWE seems to be in no hurry. Even Kurt Angle is hopeful about making his long-awaited wrestling comeback to the company where he started his illustrious professional wrestling career.

Kurt Angle has pitched various ideas for his comeback which include managing American Alpha and facing AJ Styles. A reunion with Shelton Benjamin and him taking reins of one of the brands as the general manager is also speculated.

The one thing sure about his involvement is that he won’t be wrestling on a weekly basis. Given Angle’s age, it would be a surprising move by WWE if they use him as a weekly in-ring performer. He is expected to play a part-time role with WWE and speaking of part-timers here's what Angle had to say about Goldberg and how his current run inspires him:

"Goldberg's a great wrestler, and in his prime, he was the man, especially for WCW. I don't think his WWE career ended the way he wanted it to, but he is an incredible athlete and he has done a lot of pro wrestling. It's nice to see somebody of his stature and somebody that hasn't been there in 14 years to go in there and get a great spot. It does give me a lot of hope.”

What’s next?

The Hall Of Fame Ceremony will take place on 31st March at Amway Center, Orlando, Florida. Kurt Angle is set to headline the class of 2017 and would also make an appearance at Wrestlemania. 

Even though there are no announcements about the former Olympian’s in ring return, it is imminent that the WWE Universe would get to witness the prowess of the Wrestling Machine soon inside the squared circle.

Sportskeeda’s take

Kurt Angle is one of the best in-ring technicians to ever step foot in the ring. His matches with Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels were nothing short of classics. Angle has won multiple championships throughout his tenures with WWE and TNA and as fans we would like to see more of it.

With returns of Goldberg and the Undertaker, the fans definitely want to see Kurt Angle compete with the current crop of talent at WWE. Fans have craved a Kurt Angle return for many years now and it seems as if they won’t be disappointed this time.

It is great to see that Angle and WWE have mended their relationship and are willing to give the WWE Universe what they want. He will be back to the pinnacle of sports entertainment to provide us with more spectacular moments. 

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