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WWE News: Kurt Angle returns to Raw and wins the Global Battle Royale

3.76K   //    09 Oct 2018, 07:47 IST

Baron Corbin was left unpleasantly surprised on Raw after Kurt Angle returned!
Baron Corbin was left unpleasantly surprised on Raw after Kurt Angle returned!

What's the story?

This week's WWE Raw was full of surprises, with heel turns and factions returning to reform ahead of in-ring returns.

However, one of the biggest surprises from this week's show came when Baron Corbin organised a 'Global Battle Royale' where the winner would go on to become the first person to represent Monday Night Raw in the upcoming WWE World Cup. One of the participants in the show was not who Corbin thought he was and gave the current Acting-General Manager of Raw an unpleasant surprise.

In case you didn't know...

Kurt Angle found himself taking an unwilling vacation from WWE and his position as the Raw General Manager when Baron Corbin used an attack by Ronda Rousey on Stephanie McMahon to prove that Kurt Angle was losing control of his show.

The Commissioner felt that Corbin's argument had merit, and not being on the best terms with Kurt Angle, had no qualms in removing the Hall of Famer from his position, and putting him on a 'temporary vacation'.

The reins of Raw was instead handed over to Baron Corbin, who became the Acting-General Manager. Since then Corbin has used the power he has to create opportunities for himself.

The heart of the matter

Baron Corbin took part in the Global Battle Royale on Raw, where he represented the United States of America, against the various other stars who were representing other countries.

With the likes of 'The Sultan of Shawarma' and 'The Belgian Waffler' participating, it was obvious that Baron Corbin was hoping to use the opportunity for his own gain by defeating wrestling jobbers and pick up the spot for himself.

He eliminated all of the stars one by one and thought he had won when he realised that 'The Conquistador' had been outside the ring and not eliminated yet. The Conquistador slipped into the ring, and the two went at it, with the masked wrestler hitting Corbin with several German Suplexes and the Angle Slam, before eliminating him.


As Corbin looked on in shock from the outside, the Conquistador took off his mask to reveal that it had been Angle underneath the mask all along.

What's next?

Kurt Angle won the Global Battle Royale, which means that he has secured a spot for himself in the WWE World Cup, which is set to take place at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

The Olympic Gold Medallist is sure to face opposition from Baron Corbin heading into the event. The two wrestlers are sure to feud, as Corbin is unlikely to forgive or forget the shock he received. Unfortunately for Angle, it was confirmed that Baron Corbin was still the Raw General Manager, as Angle was still officially on his 'vacation'.

How do you think Baron Corbin will try to take revenge on Kurt Angle? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!