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WWE News: Kurt Angle was never meant to be Raw GM and "can't wait" for his in-ring return

Elliott Binks
3.64K   //    29 Aug 2017, 18:35 IST

Will Angle wrestle again?

What’s the story?

Kurt Angle recently spoke to the Sun about all things WWE, from how much the company has changed since his last run to the way he’s been welcomed by this newer generation. Oh, and he also slipped in a couple of not-insignificant details in that “there was never supposed to be a GM role” and that we’ll be seeing him back in the ring “for sure” at some stage.

In case you didn’t know…

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Angle’s spoken candidly about getting back in the ring. During SummerSlam weekend, he revealed that he’s still very much set on returning to action and that he even has a rough date in mind for when that return will take place.

Going in depth

In reference to the GM role that was apparently never meant to be, Angle notes that “I don't know if it was Mick Foley's hip” or whether “WWE just decided” that they wanted to bring him back to TV. Either way, it seems like the GM gig wasn’t necessarily something that had been planned for Angle from the get-go.

And in terms of this in-ring return he’s lobbying for, though he was coyer than he’s previously been on an estimated timeframe, he did all-but-guarantee the return and reiterated that he “can’t wait” for that day to come.

What's next?

Interestingly, Angle also plugged the company’s “great wellness and physical policy” before noting how difficult that physical is to pass.

Difficult or not, Angle’s going to have to pass it if he ever wants this return to become a reality, although his candidness suggests he’s confident of his chances. Beyond that, and in the event that he’s already passed said physical, all that’s required is for the company to come up with some creative plans and pull the trigger on what’ll be one of the most anticipated in-ring returns of all time.

Author’s take

With Angle noting how difficult the physical is to pass, does that mean he’s currently in the midst of trying to pass it? Or perhaps he’s already done so?

Either way, the signs all suggest that he’s edging ever-closer to that comeback he wants so desperately, and given how candid he’s been as of late, you get the feeling he may be closer than ever to the big return.

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