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WWE News: Lacey Evans savagely destroys SmackDown Superstar on Twitter

Johny Payne
8.03K   //    27 Jul 2019, 23:40 IST

WWE Superstar Lacey Evans is masterfully ruthless both in and out of the ring
WWE Superstar Lacey Evans is masterfully ruthless both in and out of the ring

What's the story?

Lacey Evans has taken to her official Instagram account in order to assert that she has been named as the "Best Breakout Superstar" based on fan votes submitted to the WWE.

In response to Evans' aforementioned Instagram post, former SmackDown Women's Champion "The Princess of Staten Island" Carmella, took a jibe at Evans.

Needless to say, "The Lady" fired back at Carmella, with a savagely assertive tweet via her official Twitter account.

In case you didn't know...

Lacey Evans has competed in the sport of professional wrestling since 2014, and commenced her WWE career in 2016.

Evans served in the US Marines as a military police officer, and is regarded as one of the most athletic performers in all of professional wrestling today.

The heart of the matter

Following her recent feud with Becky Lynch, in which Lacey Evans ultimately came up short in her bid to dethrone the former and win the RAW Women's Title; Evans' stock has been up nonetheless.

Evans has lately gained a considerable amount of notoriety in the professional wrestling business, and has now noted that the WWE has named her the "Best Breakout Superstar".

Addressing Evans' aforementioned assertion, Carmella chimed in with a comment on Evans' Instagram post; stating --

"To be fair, you're the only new female talent that they've actually used all year."

In response to Carmella's aforesaid jibe, a fan noted that the WWE announced Evans as the "Best Breakout Superstar" and not "Best Breakout Female Superstar" -- alluding that Carmella may be throwing shade at "The Lady", owing to the latter's recent success.

On the contrary, others defended Carmella's position, whilst also noting that Evans is indisputably a great heel character...Evans did eventually respond to Carmella's comment, via a tweet which read as follows --

“Future's so bright my big hats help with shade yall #BlessHerHeart Yall smell that? I'm over here at a spa minding my own business & it starts reeking of jealousy, discontent & classlessness. swallow it, ya Nasty. #NothingButANasty #HardPillToSwallow” 

What's next?

The WWE is yet to reveal which Superstar Lacey Evans is likely to feud with, upon her return, following the loss in her feud with Becky Lynch.

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