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WWE News: Latest update on Bryan-Miz storyline

Are we looking at a potential trade-off?

The Intercontinental Champion wants his contract renegotiated
Daniel Bryan and The Miz’s feud has been one of the most interesting storylines on SmackDown Live

“If you know what you are worth then go out and get what you are worth”, said Miz, quoting Rocky Balboa on the facebook live stream he did yesterday. The Intercontinental champion wasted no time is ranting about what's wrong with the blue-brand he is a part of.

After retaining the championship at Backlash with the help of his beautiful wife Maryse, Miz demanded his contract be renegotiated. Miz later tweeted the following storyline noting that Bryan has agreed to negotiate the terms of his contract

Continuing with the story, WWE posted another update stating that the negotiations between the RAW general manager and Bryan have completely fallen apart with both the parties making it clear by taking potshots at each other on twitter. The Miz was quite adamant on not saying 'YES' to Daniel while the latter said he wasn't the only champion that SmackDown Live had.


In the facebook live video with Greg Hamilton, the champion was flustered as always and expressed his discontent with SmackDown's team by not giving him the 'showcase' he deserves and stated that his days of being complacent are over. Teasing the WWE universe for a potential trade-off with RAW, Miz said that if Bryan and Shane O' Mac were unhappy with him they could trade to him and Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon would welcome him with open hands and give him the right platform and the showcase he deserves.


The current intercontinental champion didn't hold his words back and agreed that he and Bryan go back a long way and that he is the most talented superstar right now on the blue brand's roster while the general manager, the leader of the YES movement can't even wrestle and that he is jealous of him. According to Miz, the GM thinks with his heart and doesn't know what's best for business.


For weeks now rumours of Cesaro leaving the red brand and going for the blue one have been circulating the internet. The trade-off might just happen after No Mercy where the title might change hands and stay in SmackDown while the Miz shifts to RAW.


BUT! This is not where it ends, the ball seems to be rolling back and forth and in the latest live video by the Intercontinental Champion, just 4 hours ago, he states that “The negotiations are back on track!”. His threat on Facebook page does seem to have worked in his favour and looks like the Smack Down Live team are not willing to let go off the talent and till the time, as Miz puts it “the contract is not signed, printed and done” there will be NO TITLE DEFENSE. The superstar will compete but only in non-title matches.

He is Miz and he sure is awesome!


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