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WWE News: Lita returns on WWE Raw and is booked for a match at Evolution

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Trish Stratus has found herself a partner for her match at Evolution
Trish Stratus has found herself a partner for her match at Evolution

What's the story?

This week's WWE Raw saw the return of quite a few legends. With the likes of Kurt Angle also making his long-awaited return to Raw after being forced to take a 'vacation', the show soon saw another WWE Hall of Famer make her return.

Trish Stratus was in the ring engaged in trash talk with Alexa Bliss when Bliss suggested that she team up with Mickie James to take on Trish in a tag team match at Evolution. Trish liked the idea and said that she already had a partner in mind.

In case you didn't know...

Alexa Bliss was supposed to face Trish Stratus one-on-one at the first ever women's exclusive pay-per-view, Evolution. The two were engaged in a feud over the past few weeks, as they talked trash about each other.

Last week's show had seen Alexa Bliss talking about alleged rude behaviour she had received when she met Trish Stratus as a child.

Trish was not present on the show last week, but when she made her way out to address the upcoming Evolution pay-per-view, she was interrupted once again by Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.

The heart of the matter

While talking trash in the ring, it looked like Trish and Alexa were about to come to blows until Mickie James stepped in between them to stop the two from fighting.

Mickie then went on to say that she would like to face Trish herself and suggested making the match at Evolution a tag-team match. Trish liked the idea of a tag team match and said she had just the partner in mind for the occasion, with Lita making an entrance.


Lita came out to an enormous ovation and ran down to the ring. Alexa and Mickie started to attack Trish and Lita, but momentum was not on their side. Alexa had to retreat and left Mickie in the ring alone to face the wrath of the two Hall of Famers.

Mickie was knocked down, and about to be hit with a Moonsault by Lita, when Alexa managed to pull out her friend from the ring.

What's next?

Lita and Trish are now set to face Mickie James and Trish Stratus in a tag team match at the Evolution pay-per-view, instead of the one-on-one match between Trish and Lita which had been the original idea. 

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