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WWE News: Location of House of Horrors match revealed

Wait, where?

News 01 May 2017, 16:32 IST
A part of the House of Horrors match was filmed in Richmond, Missouri

What’s the story?

As reported by IWNerd, the location of the House of Horrors bout has been revealed. The unorthodox match took place last night at WWE Payback, where WWE Champion Randy Orton was defeated by his former leader Bray Wyatt.

In case you didn’t know...

Many fans didn’t know what to make of the HOH match in the build up, but it certainly created a lot of intrigue with the WWE Universe desperate to see what it had in store for them. A lot of people were expecting a gimmick match similar to TNA’s Final Deletion; meanwhile, others were predicting that it would be more along the lines of a hardcore match.

The heart of the matter

The house in question is located in Richmond, Missouri and is currently for sale. The official address is 39115 Business Highway 10, with the property being listed for $36,000. This may surprise some people who would’ve expected the pre-taped footage to have been filmed somewhere in California where the event was being held.

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What’s next?

It’s unlikely that we’ll see another House of Horrors match again anytime soon; however, it was entertaining enough to warrant a sequel at some point in the future. Wyatt will now be focusing on his new life on Monday Night Raw, meanwhile, Orton is preparing to defend the WWE Championship against Jinder Mahal at the upcoming Backlash pay per view.

Author’s take

It’s interesting to see that the first section of the match was filmed in Missouri, as it shows the lengths they went to in order to make the bout feel more special. This could become Wyatt’s signature match moving forward, and despite the mixed reaction to the contest itself, Bray needs a gimmick match that can set him apart from other characters.

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