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WWE News: Luke Harper Makes A Joke Regarding WWE Superstar's One Year Anniversary

Brandon Ewing
5.92K   //    25 Nov 2018, 23:27 IST

The Bludgeon Bros.
The Bludgeon Bros.

What's the story?

Luke Harper may have stirred up some trouble, without meaning to, on Twitter after Ruby Riott sent out a tweet about her and Liv's one year anniversary of employment for the WWE.

In case you didn't know...

Luke Harper has been out of action with a wrist injury and hasn't been seen on SmackDown Live, nor WWE television in general, since September. The last match he participated in on WWE television was with his partner Rowan in a SmackDown Live Tag Team Title defence against The New Day. The Bludgeon Bros. lost the titles and have been out of action after Rowan had suffered an arm injury at Summer Slam, this past August. Therefore, Harper has been on the sidelines as well and apparently is nursing an injury of his own.

The heart of the matter

A few days ago, Ruby Riott posted a tweet celebrating her and Liv Morgan's one year anniversary for the WWE, feeling ecstatic and excited they both made it one year with the company after feeling doubtful they would've been released after six weeks in the company.

Luke Harper made a reply to Ruby's tweet hours later, jokingly making the following statement.

Obviously, this was a light-hearted joke and not meant to be taken seriously. However, things like this can often time be taken out of context or twisted into something else that is completely untrue. Therefore, it would be no surprise that Harper may (or may not) get some heat from the WWE if the tweet is taken to heart.

What's next

Harper suffered an injury to his wrist during his time away from the ring. Harper is now recovering from wrist surgery. His return at this time is up in the air and in doubt. Could he make a return for the Royal Rumble match in January?