WWE News: Mark Hunt claims Dana White knew about Brock Lesnar's steroid use

Mark Hunt’s case against Lesnar, White and the UFC isn’t going away anytime soon.
Mark Hunt’s case against Lesnar, White and the UFC isn’t going away anytime soon.

What’s the story?

Mark Hunt’s attorney has reiterated his client’s claims that Dana White knew of Brock Lesnar’s steroid usage before their highly-publicized fight at UFC 200. Here is a legal statement that he released:

“Lesnar, White, and UFC, acted in concert as set forth fully above, to defraud Hunt and commit a battery against Hunt by a scheme to knowingly pit Hunt, a clean fighter, against Lesnar, a doping fighter, to the wrongful benefit of defendants and to the detriment of Hunt.”

In case you didn’t know...

Brock Lesnar competed against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 on July 9th last year, beating the latter via Unanimous Decision.

Nevertheless, Lesnar’s win was later overturned to a No-Contest owing to the Beast testing positive for illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).

The heart of the matter

Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 appearance was reportedly a one-off deal between WWE and the UFC. The 39-year-old subsequently returned to WWE and captured the Universal Championship.

Although the WWE and UFC brass, including UFC President Dana White, seemed to have moved on from the Lesnar-Hunt UFC 200 steroid fiasco, Mark Hunt seems to think otherwise and has repeatedly stated that he intends to pursue his case until he gets his desired compensation.

Hunt has issued several PR statements insinuating that Dana White and the UFC brass knew about Lesnar’s steroid/PED usage before they went toe-to-toe at UFC 200.

What’s next?

Mark Hunt is all set to face fellow KO artist Derrick Lewis at UFC Fight Night 110 on June 11th at the Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand.

Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar will defend his WWE Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire in July against the winner of the Fatal 5-Way match between five of Raw’s top Superstars that takes place at Extreme Rules on June 4th.

Author’s take

First things first- Brock Lesnar is not the only MMA fighter to have failed a drug test for steroids/PEDs.

Several other notable MMA fighters such as Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Josh Barnett, Cris Cyborg and Vitor Belfort have tested positive for PEDs over the course of their MMA careers.

However, Lesnar seems to be an easy target for several hardcore MMA fans who view pro-wrestling as a taboo/unworthy gimmick sport.

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