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WWE News: Marty Jannetty responds to controversial Facebook post where he appeared to want to have sexual relations with his daughter

Riju Dasgupta
2.73K   //    29 Sep 2017, 10:53 IST

The Rocker claims that his Facebook account was hacked!
The Rocker posted a long message from his Facebook account

What's the story?

Marty Jannetty, one half of the legendary tag team, The Rockers, was the subject of a controversial incestuous post, only a few hours ago. The Rocker went to social media and claimed that he never actually made the post, but instead, he was the victim of a hacking.

We bring you his response, as posted from his account. Here is the original message, that Marty Jannetty addressed to the media.

In case you didn't know...

The original post suggested that Marty wanted intimate relations with his non-biological daughter. However, because of the nature of their relationship, he would never indulge in the same. The story was picked up by a variety of news agencies, including the New York Post, and forced Jannetty to clear the air about the same.

The heart of the matter

Jannetty began his testimony by suggesting that the news that had surfaced was fake and he had no intentions of doing what was originally suggested. He claims that he was hacked and it has happened 7 times in the past.

He assured fans that he was convinced that the phone was stolen, and that he always left his account open on the phone. He did keep quiet about the same, so as to not stall the investigation that was taking place at the moment. However, he had to respond because the situation got out of hand for good.

What's next?

Truthful or not, such news pieces surface only to be forgotten a few days later. Much like so much else in the wrestling world, this will not be remembered in a few days.

Author's take

If Jannetty is telling the truth, he needs to be careful with his phone, considering that he's a celebrity and there are a lot of trolls and hacks out in the world. If his testimony is true, it is really unfortunate.

Riju Dasgupta
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